Tuesday, 18 November 2014

UPDATE: November Monthly Goals

I'm really pleased I started setting myself monthly goals - it reminds me to do things for me sometimes and, it also not only keeps me focused, it helps me stay organised too.

This month is already flying by and it's 38 days until Christmas. Cannot believe this! So a new year is almost upon us which, considering I began last new year in Sydney and it doesn't seem five minutes ago, is crazy. I remember my Grandma saying to me when I was in my teens that if I thought time was passing by quickly then to wait until I get older and before you know it you're hair is grey (her hair is still a lovely auburn colour, even into her seventies!) and you've got a prescription order the size of a holdall.

This month's update:

Gym focus - I had a quieter gym week last week due to illness but I still managed three sessions and this weekend I feel like I walked a million miles around London (my feet are still hurting today!) I suffer quite badly with knee problems and they've been a bit achey this weekend but I'm determined to keep up my gym enthusiasm this next week. My best friend has signed us up for a 10k next year so that's really keeping me determined.

Christmas Shopping - I did start my Christmas shopping..of sorts. However, I kinda ended up mostly shopping for myself. I've been after a cape and I've now found DREAM CAPE. Which I kept referring to it as. I also found a lovely Topshop number that I purchased. I have got a few bits and pieces for people and wandering round Covent Garden, as well as up and down both Oxford and Regent Street over the weekend, has given me so many good ideas for presents.

Clear Out (Again!) - I am yet to do this but planning to head home this weekend and kickstart it. I'm not sure quite how realistic this is as I'm going to get a tattoo, starting the first of my runs with my bestie for our 10k (I've only done solo treadmill runs so far!) and we are planning to get some food as well as my many bakes that I have in mind...This may be one that I fail this month and end up doing over Christmas. Lifting clothes counts as exercise, right?

Food Diary - So far I've managed this and I'm really pleased about it. I've stopped having dairy other than natural yoghurt and goats/feta cheese - and I may have had a big cheesey pizza on Saturday BUT I do feel much better (and that was MORE than okay because it was Portobello Mushroom and Truffle Oil...) I'm trying to avoid bread and wheaty things where possible but I really need to look into this a little bit more before I start just randomly cutting things out of my diet.

A film a week and two books during the month - Managing this so far (super pleased!) I've almost finished one book before I start reading The Night Circus. I have watched several films lately, albeit old ones but still, I've managed it - In Time, Hunger Games (CRAZY excited about the new one coming out on Friday!), How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (ultimate fave!), We Are The Millers and I'm planning to watch the new Hunger Games before the month ends.

Looking good this month - I'm often terrible at sticking to things so I'm pleased I'm maintaining this so far! Did you set yourself any goals this month?


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