Saturday, 15 November 2014

VISITED: Best of Britannia and a trip to London

Last month, I went to an event for work and had the best week!

I feel that, just lately, my posts have probably made me sound either a little down in the dumps or reflective about life - but I'm just going through a lot of changes and adjusting to new routines and goings on. You know you just feel a little deflated - well, that's how I felt at the start of that week I went to Best of Britannia. HOWEVER, after returning from London and have seriously had the best week I've had in a long time, it left me feeling so optimistic about the things that lie ahead for me and I feel like 23/24 is 'my time'

Two weeks in a new job then down to London for a four day event. And not just any even - a really cool event - beautiful British brands. No event with my new job could have been more perfect for me than BOB, not only for the products but for the stunning location.
The event was thriving with some of the best British brands on offer, with products ranging from footwear to jewellery, cars to clothing and it was great to see the appreciation for British made goods. BOB is part of the wider campaign, fronted by British fashion designer Wayne Hemmingway, in which he hopes to pass ‘Buy British Day’ through Parliament, gaining Parliamentary support, to make it a nationally recognised day.
This is a bit of a whirlwind post as the event was a busy one for us but I had to share it with you!
I got an early morning train down to Kings Cross (not quite the train views I would like compared to my Australian views)

I waited for my colleague for a spot of breakfast before heading down the road for the start up day.
And then we were met with the absolutely stunning Farmiloe Building.
For those of you that don't know, the Farmiloe Building has been involved with several films/TV shows - The Grand Budapest Hotel, Batman and Mr Selfridge, to name a few. The inside is absolutely stunning and I regret not taking more pictures of the day.
Check out TEK as well (their logo is in the top left...but backwards) - they've got some great stuff!
The right hand window was ours (the bunting now positioned all around my office) and the beautiful lamp is by Susan Gaston - she makes the most incredible things using shoe lasts - absolutely stunning.
We grabbed our passes and got to work setting up our room.
NOW LET'S TALK ABOUT LUNCH. My favourite! I almost jumped for joy (and squeaked with excitement - this happened!) when I found out pre-event that Pulled would be there for the duration of BOB.
Anybody that knows me will tell you that I have always been fully in support of the Pulled Pork craze. I am yet to try any other pulled meat as, well, I just don't feel like it would be as good.

The Porker - slow roasted pulled Free range pork in a rich BBQ sauce, topped with lime and coriander slaw and rosemary and chilli crumb (and a tad of chilli mayo for me)
Absolute perfection (I know I usually get excited over food but this is no exaggeration)

After lunch, we had a little wander round to see the other brands that were there.
See what I mean - stunning! I could imagine myself living here, beautiful bare brick, rustic charm - a kind of NYC art loft feel to it.

Everybody had set up and had a ball over the 4 days. We all went to town on the truly British Theme and the girls and I purchased a few bits - the jewellery was too tempting (check out Anne Faine - I'll be doing a post on her range soon!)
Five days of fun, catching up with old friends, making new ones and generally feeling like things were (and still are) heading in the right direction from me.
That 'lost' feeling I had when I returned from Australia, well that's gone now - I feel like I've found a little bit more purpose. What nobody really tells you is that coming home after travelling is one of the hardest things of all - you come back to a place where nothing has really changed, apart from you and the things you want. The transition period was difficult and it took me a few months to get back on my feet and adjust to home but now, well things are seriously on the up.
So a trip to London kind of revived me; it made me feel self worth again and I had a bloody good time.
For more information on the Best of Britannia event and to be kept in the loop for next year, check out their website.

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