Tuesday, 16 December 2014

ATE AT: Ham Holy Burger, Oxford Street

It's no secret that I'm a big burger fan - infact, I would probably eat a burger at any given opportunity. I'm not talking about your McDonald's Quarter Pounder, I'm talking about a real burger.
After a hard morning of Christmas Shopping on Oxford Street, we were in dire need of a little food-related pick me up.
As we were already in John Lewis, we saw Ham Holy Burger was just upstairs and couldn't resist stopping off to rest our aching feet and satisfy our grumbling tummies.
We were seated with our menus and soon got our heads buried into making a decision.
I went for the simple Holy Burger - Pure Piedmont Beef Burger with tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, onion and Holy Sauce. My partner in crime went for the same with extra bacon on. We also ordered some  of the French Fries with the Cheese Fondue - which looked as incredible as they sound.
We were eventually met with our burgers... 

I must say, the presentation of the burger in it's brown paper and on the chopping board were a nice touch. It is very true that you eat with your eyes...

As you are only able to have your burger cooked Medium, this was as perfectly cooked for me as it could be (I like beef rare usually!) Tasty all the same so I can't complain.
Unfortunately, the French Fries were delivered to us cold and there seemed to be a miscommunication - a dish of hot, fresh fries were not brought over to us at all. Very disappointed by this but, turns out, we probably couldn't have fit in half a bowl of Fondued (definitely not a word...) Fries as well as our burgers.
The verdict? A nice burger as a stop off during our shopping extravaganza but I wouldn't go out of my way to venture here otherwise - it was definitely a convenience stop off. There was nothing wrong with this burger at all but it didn't blow me away in comparison to the likes of Byron or Five Guys.
If the chips had been delivered and the service was a little speedier, I might have felt a little differently BUT, as I said, by no means can I say I wouldn't recommend venturing to Ham Holy Burger - reasonably priced, a great menu and friendly staff.

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