Monday, 22 December 2014

ATE AT: Pizza Pilgrims, Kingly St

During one of many of my Christmas Shopping sprees this year, I've stopped for 'food breaks'. It's no secret that I love any excuse to try a new restaurant, cafe...anything food related.

I had a serious craving for pizza and I had developed a serious frustration with the amount of people on Oxford Street by this point too. We ducked out of the crowds and onto Kingly Street in search of Pizza Pilgrims. I've never been here before - I'm a creature of habit and allow Pizza Express to satisfy my pizza cravings (big shout out to their Leggera Padana with the delicious salad in the middle!)

I'd heard very good things about Pizza Pilgrims so we hurried in, were seated to our table and in perfect view of the pizza kitchen (does it have an actual name?) Watching pizzas being made absolutely fascinates me, mostly because I am in awe of how they can shape the dough, throw it in the air AND not drop it/attach it to the ceiling/the dough doesn't go all holey!

Their ingredients truly are the best - they specialise in traditional Neapolitan Sourdough Pizzas, with all of their ingredients from in and around Naples.

I opted for the Portobello Mushroom and Truffle...

A beautiful white pizza made up of portobello mushrooms, fior di latte (the name for mozzarella when cows milk is used), parmesan, basil and truffle oil.

As you can probably guess by the ingredients list and photo above - it was out of this world!

D opted for the Nduja - a Margherita with spicy Calabrian pork sausage (that's the nduja!) 
I was assured it was very tasty and there was very little conversation once the food arrived, only noises of appreciation - a sign of a very good meal!

I must say - while we were there, every single pizza (and other dishes we saw served) looked beautiful and every person in that restaurant had a face full of enjoyment as they dug into their meals.

If you're in need of a quick snack that's full of the best ingredients, reasonably priced and impressively quick to be dished up - make sure you check out Pizza Pilgrims. 

Have a browse of their menu before you go, it will save you the indecision when you arrive!

And, to my joy, the Pizza Pilgrim boys have their own book - which has now been added to my Christmas list!



  1. Ah looks delicious! Reminds me of the franco manca pizzas which are some of my fave in London! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. This looks amazing! I've been dying to go to pizza pilgrims for a while now, I had no idea they had a book out. Definitely adding that to my Christmas list too!