Monday, 1 December 2014

EXCITED ABOUT: The First Day of December and CHRISTMAS!

It is no secret that I am VERY excited about Christmas this year!
I have always loved the build up to Christmas and, although many people feel the same, I have never really grown up in the sense of loving Christmas. As an only child, Christmas is still a very exciting.
For all of my 23 years, I've had the same advent calendar - my parents have never really bought me chocolate ones because I this instead...
I'm aware to some this may look completely boring but I LOVE it.
Up until I went to Uni, my parents (mostly my Mum) made an extra special effort every day of December to give me a gift everyday. Now, I'm not just talking any gift, I mean like full on amazing presents. She would weave string around the house with the present at the end, hiding things in cupboards, leading me into different rooms - every morning was like a treasure hunt and I absolutely love that they both made every single morning in the build up to Christmas this special.
So, although they don't lead me on a advent treasure hunt every morning anymore (despite how much I wish they still did!) this lovely advent calendar of mine holds the most incredible childhood (and teen) memories for me.
Olly Murs launched Christmas on Radio One this morning and I had a huge grin on my face all the way down the M1 this morning as they made their way through all of our favourite Christmas songs.
After an absolutely lovely weekend in Sheffield catching up with my friends, the first Mulled Wine of Christmas and a huge festive feel all around - I can honestly say I am embracing the Christmas spirit in full force!
Happy 1st of December to all of you and I truly hope you're all join me in being SUPER EXCITED about the Christmas season.
Oh, and I'll be launching my December Goals soon, with a recap of the success of my November ones - a HUGE surprise to me as I'm useless at sticking to things!
Today feels like it's going to be a very fun and festive day!!

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  1. Yay! I'm excited with you!

    When I was little I had the same sort of advent calender. My auntie made it and would fill each day with little wrapped presents. As we got older she said she couldn't really keep doing it, so I had my last one a few years ago and it made me so sad!