Friday, 5 December 2014


Another week has flown by meaning just under 3 weeks until Christmas. I hope you've all started your Christmas shopping! I'm not doing too badly with it but my best friend has actually finished and wrapped everything which makes me feel a bit of an 'oh-my-god-I-need-to-buy-things' panic.

This week has been a busy working week but, apart from working, I haven't done a great deal else. I'm not the biggest fan of winter - I love the winter wardrobe of soft tartan scarves, Chelsea boots, big coats and cosy jumpers - I do not like the dark nights and the actual cold. I most definitely feel like a SAD sufferer. All I want to do is sleep (or eat!) and I wake up every morning wanting to stay in bed because I feel shattered. I'm hoping I'm not the only one?!

There have been some positives of the week, as always. Despite the constant tiredness, wanting to eat everything in sight and being in almost-hibernation mode, I'm in a great mood lately. I love the build up to Christmas and I'm really, really excited for it to arrive.

This weeks FFF:

The Christmas build-up - As I've just said, I LOVE IT. I feel a constant excitement during December - I've felt this way since mid-November. Although I dislike the cold weather and dark nights, seeing the twinkly lights and the decorated trees in the towns and cities across the country really adds to the festive feel. I have a day off work next week so I'm going to go for a long dog walk with my Mum to purchase our tree from the local forestry commission. VERY excited as we haven't done this for years - normally by the time I get home for Christmas (usually Christmas Eve!) everything is all done. Radio 1 launched Christmas with Olly Murs this week as well and it was great! I have been a big Olly Murs fan since his first audition on the XFactor (when I actually used to watch it!) He's so cheeky (and VERY easy on the eye!) R1 launched Christmas so well and I was tuned in all day - from the songs to their festive jingles - it got me and the nation (judging by all of the tweets!) very much in the Christmas mood.

Reminiscing about living in Sheffield - Last weekend I went up to Sheffield to visit one of my best friends and to catch up with an old work colleague and his family. I got all excited because we had our first Mulled Wines of Christmas and it was GREAT. A big chunk of my heart will always be in Sheffield - it's where I went for University and lived for four years and has felt like home more than anywhere else (even Nottingham, where I lived and grew up for 18 years!) There's something I love about Sheffield - the quirky feel, countless bars and cafes, the friendly people. It just makes me feel very happy and I would love to live there again one day.

This Weeks Eats - As I've felt so sleepy recently, I've got in from work and all I've wanted it comfort food. However, I've tried to keep this as healthy as possible with my lentil and bean chillidelicious soups (including the Butternut Squash soup I'll be posting soon!), Cod with my infamous ratatouille recipe (another for the blog soon and similar to this dish) and I've discovered a MASSIVE low for Gnocchi - but only if it's pan fried. Team this delicious (relatively low calorie!) treat with my ratatouille and some green beans and it's a quick, tasty dish for the cold nights.

Festive Pyjamas - This time of year I live in pyjamas - please note: not matching sets - I'm not sure why, I have a funny thing about matching pyjamas. I bought these Christmassy beauties from Primark (for a tenner!!) Primark do great pyjamas for such reasonable prices - I got these a while ago (October?), again, with a festive feel. I never used to be keen on Primark but over the past year or two, they've really seemed to stay on top of many of the current trends in an affordable way. Can we call pyjamas a current trend? Possibly? Either way, they're comfy, soft, kinda fleecey and perfect for the colder nights and lazy days of the Christmas season. I've been eyeing up some Paddington Bear pyjamas (having sent my Mum out to get them for me today - if she can find them, that is!)

Hot Chocolate - These have been a complete highlight of my week IN A BIG WAY (No joke intended - they're the Cadbury's Highlights range) I've discovered the 39 calorie sachets and they are delicious - my favourites are the Fudge and Bournville. As soon as the weather starts getting colder, you'll see me rushing to Costa for a soy hazelnut hot chocolate but when I can't get out of the office, these Cadbury's treats are perfect (and being low calorie, well, it's okay to have two a day, if it's really chilly!)

What have you loved this week? Tell me in the comments below! :)


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