Friday, 19 December 2014


Well, it's Friday again - another one that's come around quickly. This week has been probably the most hectic one of 2014 for me BUT it's my last day in the office before Christmas woohoo! I'm working from home Monday and Tuesday but it means this afternoon I am homeward bound for over two weeks which I am ridiculously excited about, as I'm sure you can imagine! I have realised this morning that I am completely disorganised, especially with Christmas less than a week away.
This week's FFF:

Winter Cocktails at Dishoom - We had planned to have dinner at Dishoom but unfortunately an hour and a half wait (and two VERY hungry people) meant that after these delicious cocktails (times two!) we ventured elsewhere. I must say, these cocktails were out of this world - Winter Pimms and a Mulled Bramble - yes please!

Harry Potter Films on TV - I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, as I've said many a time before on here and on Twitter (studio tour visitor twice and HP World in Florida 3 times, don't ya know!) So on Tuesday evening when HP and the Order of the Phoenix was on ITV I was thrilled. Ending the day with a half hearted gym session due to a migraine and getting in bed to see that was on made my week! Let's face it, it doesn't feel like Christmas if you're favourite films aren't watched!

The Prospect of TWO WEEKS at Home - Today is my last day in the office before Christmas (I'm working from home Monday and Tuesday woohoo!) and I CANNOT WAIT to have two weeks (and two days...) at home. Not only will it be nice to catch up with my friends that I haven't seen in ages, it'll also be lovely to see my family as well - who I feel like I've neglected a bit since starting my new job (which I can't exactly say is new anymore...I'm into my fourth month now!)

My Horoscopes This Week - Now, I know some people think Horoscopes are a load of rubbish but I have the Daily Horoscope App on my iPhone and it has been absolutely bang on all week. Not just once or twice, but every single day! I do believe in these kind of things and I know the sceptics many think it's easy to relate a daily horoscope to some aspect of your life but they've spoken about exactly how I'm feeling this week and given me a real boost.

Covent Garden - London this time of year is absolutely beautiful, with it's twinkling lights and Christmas trees dressed to the nines. I must say, Covent Garden is a particular favourite of mine - the Christmas trees, the lit reindeer, the décor around the's stunning and makes me feel incredibly festive. Wednesday evening I stumbled across this absolute beauty and it well...Burberry, enough said.

What have your highlights been this week? Are you feeling festive to with Christmas plans on the horizon?



  1. Yum those cocktails sound so good! I finished work this week too and just made it to my grandparents for 6 days which I am so excited about, lots of relaxing and sleeping is going to happen! Sounds like you had a fab week, hope you have a lovely Christmas! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. How lovely! I hope you have a fabulous Christmas xo