Friday, 26 December 2014


As you can imagine, this week has been a great week. Yesterday was Christmas Day and I've been telling you for a while now how excited I am for the big day with my family.

Christmas Day was lovely; relaxed, quiet and just how I like it! I won't make this FFF a long one - I have masses of leftovers to eat, chocolates to devour and films to watch.

So, this weeks FFF:

Working from Home - I was lucky enough, this week, to spend Monday and Tuesday working from home. If I hadn't had this little luxury, it would have meant 2-3 hour drive (traffic dependent) there and back both days. Being at home meant I could roll out of bed, concentrate and tie up the loose ends before the Christmas break.

My Little Family - This week has made me realise just how much I appreciate my family. There aren't many of us but I couldn't possibly sum up just how much love and appreciation I have for them. It's been so nice to spend a full week at home (and another week and a bit to go!) and it's so nice just feeling relaxed and having them around.

Christmas Day - I am sure all of you are with me in saying Christmas Day has been a highlight of this week. I was absolutely spoiled rotten (as always!!) and it was just a nice chilled out day. My family loved their presents and I even got a few tears from Mum (definitely a sign of a present well received!) 

A Quick Cuppa and a Catch Up - I am lucky enough to have my bestie living about a 5 minute drive from my Parents house. She qualified as a nurse this year (super proud!) and as she's working this Christmas, we had to squeeze in an hour for a catch up, present exchange and a cup of tea. It was lovely to have that quick hour to see one another!

Appropriate Presents - I've had some amazing gifts this year and I cannot get over the generosity of my Parents, Grandma and Best Friend. Now, what I'm about to say may sound really bizarre BUT - I love the fact that they know me so well, which is reflected in their gifts. Hear me out; I'm sure, in the past, you've been given a present for a birthday or for Christmas by a friend or relative that just feels like a generic gift. You know what I mean - a lovely gift but just, not too personal. Well, the presents I've had just go to show they listen, know the things I like, adhere to my interests (LOTS of foodie gifts!) and they're just GREAT! No generic bath sets, just well thought out presents. Bloody love the lot of them! 

I hope you had a lovely Christmas Day with your Family and Friends!


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