Tuesday, 23 December 2014

LET'S TALK: The Festive Tag

My lovely friend Emily over at Emily's Recipes and Reviews  got me involved in The Festive Tag, which seems very appropriate seeing as I've been banging on about how excited I am for Christmas this year. Last weekend I met up with Emily and some very lovely food bloggers in Birmingham (more on this tomorrow!) for a festive afternoon tea so this seems like a lovely festive follow on with just a few days to go before Christmas. 

1. FAVOURITE FESTIVE FOOD - Two years ago I made the nicest chestnut and apricot stuffing (which I will 100% making again this year!) so that's a firm favourite. In my family, boxing day means one thing - Bubble and Squeak - and I have to admit, this is my favourite festive food, not just because it's a tradition but because it's bloody tasty!

2. FAVOURITE REINDEER - Donner because well, definitely had the worst luck with the names! Poor thing.

3. FAVOURITE DAY OF CHRISTMAS - I really like Christmas Eve - one the 23rd, my friends from college and I have a night out and then Christmas Eve I get home, stick on a Christmas film or Christmas songs and wrap my presents, help prepare things for dinner the following day and there's a little bit of excitement throughout the day with Christmas Day a matter of hours away!

4. FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS SONG - Elton John, Step into Christmas. Absolute tune!

5. FAVOURITE PRESENT - I couldn't possibly pick one - I'm spoilt rotten every year! If I had to choose it would probably be last year's present from my parents; the money that paid for my skydive in Australia. Literally the best experience of my life!

6. FAVOURITE FESTIVE FILM - Hmmm tricky one! Generic answer of Home Alone probably and Love Actually, just because I think Hugh Grant is great.

7. FAVOURITE FESTIVE CRACKER TOY - Sewing kit, hands down! I am absolutely terrible at sewing and my sewing kit is one I got from a cracker about 4 years ago!

8. FAVOURITE CRACKER JOKES - How do snowmen get around? On their icicles!

9. FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS DECORATION - My parents bought me the classic Disney Christmas decoration collection years and years ago (which you may have seen on my Instagram), so I absolutely love those. BUT my absolute favourites? The Christmas decorations on my Grandma's Christmas tree that my Grandad bought for her years and years ago.

10. FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS SCENT - Mulled wine. Eeeeeryday. 

11. FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS TV AD - I would be lying if I didn't say John Lewis - they nail it every year with their Christmas adverts!

12. FAVOURITE FESTIVE TRADITION - Every year I go round to my Grandma's and decorate her Christmas tree for her. I absolutely love it! She has decorations from when she was younger, ones I've made, ones that were on the tree when my Mum was little, some of my Great Grandma's decorations - it's like a trip down memory lane!

13. FAVOURITE PLACE TO SPEND CHRISTMAS - 100% at home! Last year I was in Australia and, although I had a great time spending Christmas in the sunshine, it just wasn't the same as being at home with my Parents and my Grandma. Christmases are definitely meant to be spent at home!

14. FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS FACT -  Christmas pudding was originally a soup made of wine and raisins...which sounds very bizarre!

15. FAVOURITE SNOWMAN ACCESSORY - They always have lovely scarves!

16. FAVOURITE WINTER CLOTHING STAPLES - Boots, big coats and polo necks. I've been obsessed with all three this winter.

17. FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS MAKEUP - I am the most boring person in the world when it comes to makeup - my face always looks the same with darker eyes for a night out. Throughout Autumn and Winter I tend to experiment with red and berry coloured lipsticks (which I love!) so that's about as exciting as it gets unfortunately! I would love to know more about makeup and be better about it but I'm an only child, nobody in my family really wears makeup so it's only really now that I'm going to makeup counters in Selfridges and begging for help!

18. CHOCOLATE OR CHEESEBOARD - Both? Okay...cheeseboard then! As long as there's chutney involved!

I tag the lovely Angela from Patisserie Makes Perfect and Gabrielle from A Glass of Ice.


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  1. Thanks ever so much for tagging me in this Natasha, as I mentioned on Twitter I'll be giving this one a miss as I've already done a festive tag, but again, thank you for thinking of me!! :) My favourite Christmas song is the same by the way, Elton John kills it!! ;) Merry Christmas, lovely! :)