Sunday, 14 December 2014

LET'S TALK: Taking On Too Much

Earlier this week I wrote a post about being part of the blogging world - something I love - but also feeling a little disheartened by it at the moment.

Since I returned from travelling in June, I can honestly say the last six month (?!?! Where has this gone!!!) have felt like an absolute whirlwind. I've never been a good decision maker or the most organised (hence Unorganised Chaos - the way my Mum says I run my life!) but the thing I've come to realise most at the moment is what I'm lacking - time. There aren't enough hours in the day to tackle everything I want to do and that has made me feel more and more lately that I am taking on too much. Working full time (including doing extra work in the evenings sometimes), going to the gym or to yoga daily, cooking from scratch daily (something which I do by choice because I prefer it), blogging daily (and also to my full creative ability) as well as seeing my family and having a social life - well all of this doesn't feel manageable, well not to do it all well anyway.

I have to work, that goes without saying. The gym and cooking are personal choice but are what is needed to keep me healthy and happy - plus, I kinda enjoy it. Blogging is my creative element and I love it; plus, my love of food and cooking influences this, so these two go hand in hand. Seeing friends and family, I do at the weekends mostly and the social life thing. All of the things that are priority in my life, well I need to do them whether it be necessity or because it's what I love or enjoy. The problem is, all of these things, I don't feel like I have enough hours in the day.

Although I sit on Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms most of the day (for work mostly!), I can't also do this for myself and to go hand in hand with my own blog. I feel like the element of blogging, not having enough time to do it properly (whatever that means!) and also feeling a constant sense of being rushed (in life, not in blogging) is what is leaving me feeling a little disheartened.

I'm an advocate of plenty of sleep, exercise, eating well, 'me time' and doing what you love but I'm running myself ragged at the moment trying to juggle everything.

I think we sometimes just put far too much pressure on ourselves to try and do EVERYTHING. Does it always need to be that way? Sometimes, can't we just go home, get in bed and binge watch Grey's Anatomy with a jar of Nutella and a spoon?!



  1. I know exactly how this feels, and I'm very with you on the hiding to eat a jar of nutella with a spoon thing! I just try and remember that outside of work, all the other things I 'need' to do are all for me so if I slip once in a while with my posting schedule or exercising it doesn't matter because I'm only trying to make myself happy! x

    1. Exactly :) got to stop giving ourselves a hard time and give ourselves a break, haven't we?! xo