Sunday, 7 December 2014

LIFE: Relaxing Weekends

Just lately everything has felt a little hectic. I was meant to be spending this weekend in London but I have felt absolutely exhausted for the past few weeks and decided it would be the perfect opportunity to go home and have some down time.

Yesterday was absolutely perfect - I spent the morning Christmas shopping with my parents before heading home and making some delicious Leek and Potato Soup. It was ideal for the cold but sunny weather of yesterday.

This weekend made me realise, more than ever, that when you've been crazy busy for such a long time that the little things in life and those quiet moments of not really doing a great deal are even more enjoyable. Spending a little bit of time in the kitchen and not being in a rush to whip something up or having to be somewhere was so therapeutic. The best bit? I got to see my favourite little girl.

Nothing makes me happier than throwing on my old Hunters, wrapping up and entertaining this little madam!

I also did a few new bakes today which you'll be able to see on my Instagram that I'll be posting over the next week or so!


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