Wednesday, 3 December 2014

THINKING ABOUT: Christmas is Coming! #2

I'm excited for Christmas. I've spoken about it. You don't need me to remind you and I'm sure many of you are in the same boat. It's now 3rd December and I'm looking forward to Christmas more and more each day - mostly because it means I'm getting closer to 19th December and 2 weeks off work! I'm not embarrassed that I started my Christmas List at the beginning of November. I'm nearing my mid-twenties and there's no danger of this changing, probably, until I have children. Even then, I'll still write a Christmas List.
For those Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and the days in between!) shoppers - the sales have been CRAZY. Crazy in a good way. It sent my blood pressure through the roof on Friday - websites crashing but only after I had been shown a snippet of the fantastic deals out there (John Lewis - £100 of macbooks - hello?!) I, unfortunately, have since received the majority of the things I purchased and, clothes wise, have sent everything back. Turns out I got too giddy!
I decided rather than dwell on it, to start window shopping/adding to my Christmas list today. Here's the latest installment from the disorganised Princess that won't grow up:
Kitchenware, cookbooks, lovely quotes and prints, yoga related presents and anything that aids a relaxed/healthily life - I'm ALL over it at the moment.
What are you hoping for this Christmas?


  1. I have a Nutribullet and have fallen in love with it! I always like to make a Christmas list too and I am in my mid twenties :) Any present that is homeware related and I will be very happy!

    Elle x
    Notes of Petranella

    1. Oh Elle - thanks for commenting!! I have been looking at juicers/blenders but was unsure of which to get (I have both at my parents house but want something for when I'm working away in the week) - I saw the Nutribullet and it looks ideal!

      Also glad to hear I'm not the only mid-twenty Christmas list maker xo