Wednesday, 10 December 2014

THINKING ABOUT: The Things I Love About The Christmas Season

It is just over two weeks until Christmas - MADNESS!
All I can think about at the moment is Christmas. All I want to do is watch Love Actually and Elf, scoff a load of mince pies and snuggle in front of the fire with a Santa hat on my head. It's weird really, I feel like I love Christmas more and more the older I get, perhaps I'm still a child at heart!
I got thinking about why I love Christmas, and after I did my loves of Autumn a month or two ago, I felt it only right to do a festive edition of Christmas loves!
1. Mulled Wine...cider...rum - Every year when Christmas is around the corner I get incredibly excited for my first mulled drink of the festive season. This year I started early and began the mulled goodness on the last weekend of November and will continue this right through until the new year.
2. Christmas Songs - As Slade said, the old songs are the best. I love all of the original Christmas songs I grew up listening to, the ones my parents grew up listening to and possibly my grandparents as well. You know the ones!
 3. Gift Wrap - nothing is nicer than a beautifully wrapped present. I'm one of those people that doesn't like to even unwrap their gifts for fear of ruining and ripping the paper (silly I know!) My Mum always goes to town with the gift wrap though and makes my presents from Santa extra beautiful.
4. The buzz around the cities - London does Christmas to the extreme but the likes of Nottingham, Manchester, Birmingham etc. have their Christmas Markets on, their lights up and everywhere looks so beautifully festive
5. Catching up with friends and family - Something I really take for granted. Since I've worked full time (this year and pre-travelling) you wouldn't believe how nice it feels for me to have that time to catch up with people. I'm so frantic most of the week and always here, there and everywhere at weekends.
6. Decorations - I love getting home to a decorated Christmas tree (or two in the case of my parents house). I love the tradition of spending an afternoon at home with Christmas songs on, decorating the tree and the rest of the house.
7. The Food - I'm a foodie, that's no secret. Christmas means two things - eating and napping. The combo of turkey, stuffing and cranberry fills me with absolute delight. I am thoroughly enjoy getting my Christmas bake on as well, I made these beauties over the weekend.
8. The Films - The ones we've watched a hundred times but they never lose their magic. Love Actually, Elf, Home Alone...all the good'uns.
9. Time to unwind - I love an excuse to have some down time - just lately, I've needed it. Christmas is the perfect excuse and with two weeks off work, time to unwind is on the cards.
10. Being like a child - I will never grow up when it comes to Christmas (possibly the only child in me makes this much worse!) I get overexcited about my childhood advent calendar every year, I still snoop about for presents, I'm giddy every time the postman brings a parcel incase it's for me and I could burst with excitement at the thought of coming downstairs on Christmas Day morning to a living room of presents.
What do you love about Christmas? Tell me in the comments below!


  1. I love decorating the tree too, Christmas songs are a must! xx

  2. CHRISTMAS! I agree with pretty much everything, I watched Love actually the other day with Friends and every five minutes we were like "I LOVE THIS PART". I also like anything mulled (mulled rum!? HELLO!)

  3. Love your list - totally agree, especially about mulling everything and anything :-D Love Christmas! x