Sunday, 28 December 2014


This morning I braved the snow for my usual Yoga class. Thankfully my Dad drove because the roads around us are terrible.

I had my hour then was greeted with this little bundle of excitement when I got back...

I'm a bit of a mardy bum when it comes to the snow so after an hour playing outside with this one (who is useless at finding the ball in the snow, might I add!) and two very numb feet later, I have fled inside for an afternoon of tea, films and getting a few bits done around the house.

Despite having two weeks off work, the first has gone very, very quickly and I'm already gutted I only have one left before I have to head back down South. I seriously miss living at home and really wish the commute for work wasn't quite so far or I would be living back here in a flash!

I hope you're all enjoying the pretty snow and keeping safe! Only a few more days until the New Year as well. Is it just me, or am I the only one that's really not that bothered about making plans for it this year? I'm heading up to Sheffield to spend it with friends there but we don't have tickets or a solid just feels like one of those things that's massively hyped up and never really becomes quite as 'big' as you hope! Whatever you're doing to bid farewell to this year and welcome the new one, I hope you have a lovely time! And fingers crossed this bloody snow and ice will have disappeared by then!


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