Wednesday, 24 December 2014

VISITED: A Christmas Walk around London

Covent Garden > Leicester Square > Regent Street > Oxford Street > Carnaby Street

One of the many times I've visited London in recent months, I had a few hours to kill so I had a wander round London, doing some Christmas shopping and checking out many of the lovely decorations that scatter the city this time of year.

I got off the tube at Covent Garden to look at the lovely tree and reindeer that stand tall and give a real festive feel to the place. I must admit, the lights look extra pretty at night and after going down to Covent Garden for dinner last week, I could sit and be completely taken in by those lovely lights for hours. 


My favourite part of it all? This festively baubled stand, with candy canes overhead and the stand selling Mulled Wine, Mince Pies and Hot Spiced Cider - my kinda stall!

This photo really doesn't do the Covent Garden tree justice - and like I said, it looks especially beautiful at night and there's really buzz of excitement in the air from the many shoppers and diners that flock there.

As the weather was rather nice this day, I decided to go on an adventure - no tube, take in the many beautiful buildings and sights to be seen. I find that to be my main problem with the tube - it's so handy to get around but you lose any sense of where abouts you actually are and you miss so many things being down there!

Leicester Square, despite being full of tourists all fleeting to the West End, I do think it has some character to it. Whilst I was on my little walk this day, I saw several of the Paddington's that are scattered around London.

A quick skip from there, through China Town (all I wanted was Dim Sum at this point!) before braving Regent Street and Oxford Street.

And if there's one place that makes you feel like you've fallen into Christmas (and heaven!) apart from the Monty section of John Lewis - it's Liberty.

I must admit, I was in here for a couple of hours. I am always in awe of this place when I find the time to have a browse around. It's such a stunning building, inside and out!

At one point, I did think I was going to go a little crazy on the stockings - everyone of them was so lovely!

I could barely move an arm let alone take photographs of Oxford or Regent Street - absolutely manic!

But I did get chance to capture the beautiful Carnaby lights!

After that I kinda gave up on photos because of the crowds, plus, Pizza Pilgrims were calling my name!


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