Monday, 5 January 2015


I would absolutely LOVE to know, just out of curiosity, how many bloggers have actually posted their new years goals, resolutions, aims, whatever each individual likes to think of them as. I've seen blogging goals, personal goals, fitness goals - all sorts! I really love seeing the positivity and the aims of the writers/bloggers behind my regular reads!

As I wrote a rambled post yesterday and have a 2015 mini bucket list coming up later this week, I didn't want to ramble on yet again...I definitely have a habit of just typing my thought process.

I thought I ought to tie the two together in one post - my yearly and January goals - I'm not big on new years resolution as such...I prefer thinking of them as goals rather than the generic 'get fit' kinda resolution but I really think it's good to have things to aim for, no matter how big or small.

Some of these may be things I started doing this year but I want to take real focus of them this year and I don't think there's anything wrong with trying to make a new-ish habit into a permanent one!

Here goes...

FOR 2015:

Learn to be self-positive and give myself a break - stop critising myself physical appearance and my good qualities - they are there, so stop telling myself they aren't. More of a 'can do' attitude

Write good moments down - a few of my friends popped their good moments in a bowl or jar last year and read them back over the first couple of days of January and I think it's such a nice idea

Manage my money - boring one i know but i seriously need to do it because I want to up my savings for those moments I think 'I need a week in the sun' or, basically for when I go travelling again.

Keep up with my new habit of 'me time' - it's really helping me to relax and appreciate things a little more. I also had so much illness towards the end of 2014 that I really do need to stop running myself ragged.

Keep up with my 'YES' Woman attitude - Something I vowed from 2013, managed even more in 2014 and am really ready to step it up a notch. A little less overthinking, a little more YES.

Eliminate the negatives - last year I made some sensible decisions when trusting my gut instincts. I found that eliminating some negative things from my life really did make a difference. This year, I plan to do the same. Life is way too short to let negative things get in the way.

Keep doing things for myself - tying in with eliminating the negatives, I decided in 2014 that I needed to start putting myself first more. I'm going to keep doing that because I really believe it has helped me be a little happier.

See more of the people that are worth making the effort for - because I am never in one place for very long (working away all week, here there and everywhere at weekends) I want to make sure I see more of people this year.

TRAVEL - when I can, where I can.

I do believe these are obtainable goals - challenges of course but I think they're things to aim for that will help me grow into the better version of myself.

As always, I still want to have my five goals each month with little things to aim for. I really think that it is only ever a good thing to frequently challenge yourself, even in simple ways.


Drink at least 2 litres of water per day - although I do drink a lot of water anyway, I want to make sure I drink a lot more to keep hydrated and keep my body healthy.

Read a new book - I want to lessen my usage of technology and go back to reading more in my spare time.

A sun salutation per day - it is crazy how much better I feel after a yoga class. It completely lifts my mood, makes my body less creaky and it's just great, y'know!? So I want to begin each day with a sun salutation, a few stretches...something to start my day in a positive way.

Bed by 10.30pm in the week - I felt like I didn't get myself to bed early enough. I really struggle getting to sleep, it takes me ages!

Routine - getting back in a routine after two weeks off will probably be the most difficult thing about January. I want to be back in a routine with the time I get up, tying in the sun salutation before working, getting back into going to the gym after work, eating properly (illness has meant a very restricted diet of toast and soup - the only things I can stomach!) and just generally being a bit more organised and with it.

Have you set yourself some goals for the year or are you a fan of month by month goals?



  1. I have a few goals which I blogged about but a lot which I want to stick to! I am definitely trying the get to bed earlier, I managed last night and felt so much better today! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. It's crazy how much of a difference an early night makes, isn't it?! xo