Wednesday, 7 January 2015

2015 BUCKET LIST: 15 FOR '15

This year seems to have absolutely flown by and it scares me that, this coming year, I'm 24. Not old by any means but I have no idea where the time from 18-21 went, let alone the rest!

You know I like lists, I like aims...I like to daydream. So for 2015 I figured - why not do a mini bucket list for the year. I was planning on 12 must-do's but 15 for 2015 had a better ring to it...

1. Holidays - Amsterdam and Morocco. 

I've been banging on about Morocco since I was 16...why I have not been BAFFLES me. I had made plans to go over to Amsterdam this year but started my new job and didn't really think I should book a few days away during the first couple of months.

2. My next tattoo
I know exactly what I want doing, I have the perfect person to draw it BUT actually getting around to it in 2014 has been the tricky part. It's a big'un so time consuming, money consuming and, well, I have plenty of smaller tattoos but a big one seems to be a bit more needing of a well thought out decision.

3. Pay off my debt

Boring alert! It would make me so much happier though. Travelling and post-travelling meant bunging a fair amount on credit card and I also need to have my student account overdraft completely paid off (which saddens me as that means THREE YEARS since I finished uni)

4. More Blogger Meet Ups - I went to my first one in December and had such a nice time. It's really nice to be able to meet up with people and just talk about blogging, food, blogging about food...y'know, the stuff that sometimes bores non-blogger friends and family when you talk about it too much.

5. My own place - not necessarily a mortgage but somewhere of my own. I don't want house shares anymore and want my own space. Although if I'm contemplating galavanting around the world again this may not be the most wise idea. Time to start doing the lottery (and winning...) so these things aren't an issue.

6. My list of 10 restaurants to go to - I would like to think this is completely doable because, well, I love da food!

7. My list of 10 books to read - After spending three years (and many years before that) reading for my degree, alevels etc..I kinda fell out of love with reading a little bit. This year I read Lena Dunham's Not That Kind of Girl and it made me realise just how much a good book can inspire you. So I've complied a list of 10 to have read by the end of the year (I'll blog about them in the next week or two!)

8. Take my parents away somewhere - even if it's just for a weekend. I promised them a week in York or Harrogate as part of their Christmas present so fingers crossed we find a weekend we are all free.

9. Complete my ski lessons - I've wanted to learn to ski for the longest time. I started my lessons before I went travelling but couldn't justify the financial aspect of carrying on the lessons when I was planning to lay on beaches for the next 12 months.

10. Condense my belongings in a BIG way - I have so much clutter! I find it really hard getting rid of things but forget I managed whilst backpacking with a small amount of things.

11. Achieve five things on my Bucket List - I like the idea of having a bucket list but I'm one of this people that want to do EVERYTHING! If I hear of a cool idea, straight away I'm like OH MY GOD I NEED TO DO THAT. So, I'm going to aim for five things this year.

12. Go back to the Harry Potter studio tour - Last time I went I was told that in Spring a new section is opening, which has now been revealed as more HP fun with a new Defense Against the Dark Arts section.

13. Go to or plan a Yoga Retreat trip - I've been banging on about going to a yoga retreat for such a long time now. I fell in love with Bali when I visited last year and would love to go back, this time, also going to a yoga retreat - even if I don't go in 2015, I want to have the plans laid out ready to go the following year.

14. SAVE, SAVE, SAVE - I feel a new adventure coming on...

15. Convince my Grandma to get cat - much harder task than you would think. She lost Lou this year and he was the best fluffy little feline ever. He's been with us for such a long time (I say 'us' as my Grandma lives next door to my parents house) and, well, it makes me sad knowing she hasn't got company in the evenings. She needs a little bundle of kitten to keep her company.

Have you got a mini bucket list for the New Year?


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