Thursday, 29 January 2015

LOVING: The Wild Flower Company

I'm a big believer that flowers truly can make a day so much better. They can turn a bad mood into a much better one, tears into smiles (or happier tears...) and are a lovely gift for your nearest and dearest, or even as a little treat for yourself.

I buy myself flowers fortnightly and, quite often, for my Mum and Grandma too; but what I really like is something a little bit different from your generic store bought bouquet.
Meet The Wild Flower Company.

When I heard about who they are, what they do....I needed to share it with you all...

As a part of The British Flower Collective, the Wild Flower Company began because of their disappointment at the lack of seasonality of flowers that were on offer, both online and offline, by florists across the UK. They struck up the idea to offer seasonal, British, farm-grown flower arrangements to UK customers – put together so beautifully, showing just how much passion they have for their vision.

Based in Kentish Town, the flowers are sold online only and they propose a flower arrangement sent to you weekly, fortnightly or monthly – so for those of you that love buying weekly or fortnightly flowers as a little treat to brighten up your home (and your day!), this regular arrangement is perfect.

Their values really are something to draw attention to – TWFC are as passionate about their work as British flower growers and not only providing seasonal flowers but local, high-quality flowers that benefit not only the British farmers but also the environment and, in turn, the customer.

A little about the subscription for regular arrangements:

TWFC offer an open-ended subscription (with no end date – you send them an email of any amendments or cancellations you want to make!)

As I said before, you can have these beautiful flowers delivered to your home weekly, fortnightly or monthly, with prices starting from £24, which includes delivery. If you wanted, fixed term subscriptions are available so you could give their service a whirl for 3 months and see what they're all about. I also think this service is a BEAUTIFUL gift for mums-to-be. You could send them a monthly arrangement during their pregnancy as a little something to put a smile on their faces.

My personal favourite is the 'Each Season' service – a different arrangement sent to you every three months for a year. If you're like me, there is so much beauty to be seen as we enter each new season. With TWFC offering seasonal flowers, this will mean high-quality and a bouquet looking its absolute best.

Do you need anymore reason to get yourself this subscription?
These flowers look like nothing you will see in your local supermarket, nothing you can mail order from the internet and probably nothing like you'll see in your local florist. The idea they've created really is innovative and I am so pleased to discover them.
Their flowers aren't ones that travel for days and days by mail – they're cut the day before they are shipped; not frozen, not heated but arriving perfectly fresh. The best bit? If you take care of them, they last for a long time – giving them a little cut, changing their way – it really does keep them looking healthy and freshly arranged.

For those of you that know me or have read my blog for a while now, you'll know I like things a little bit different. Well these arrangements are definitely that – kind to the environment with no air mileage (unlike 90% of the flowers in the market today that are imported from the likes of the Netherlands and Israel, amongst many others)

I'm a big believer in buying British – I think it's a terrible shame that in instances like this, we rely of imports. But buying from The Wild Flower Company, wel that means the revival of local farmers growing British flowers, an environment-friendly service that not only benefits the growers but also the customers.

A little about the pricing:

For the quality you get, I truly believe these reasonable prices reflect the high standards delivered direct to your door:

A three posies per week package costs £24 (p/w)
Weekly packages - £28 (p/w)
Monthly packages - £32 p/m
Seasonal packages (4 bunches per year) - £128 (p/y
Pregnancy packages (6 seasonal bunches over 6 months) - £168 (p/a)

These subscriptions can be a one off or time specified (for that generous, thoughtful gift) or an open-ended thing for you to amend or cancel at any point.
Seasonal, British, locally grown flowers of high-quality that scream diverse, passion and DIFFERENT. And that's the best thing, they're that little bit different!
I also have a discount code for you guys - 20% off any order when you enter the code UNCH20
How could you turn that down?
Click their logo above and get your 20% off today!

*Disclaimer: these flowers were generously sent to me to review their subscription service but views are COMPLETELY my own – because, well, the flowers speak for themselves – they are beautiful and have been going strong for two weeks now!*

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