Wednesday, 14 January 2015

ATE AT: Brown's Bar and Bistro, Nottinghamshire

Just before Christmas some of the girls from home and I decided to go out for a local Christmas meal to celebrate the festive season. We headed to Brown's, a bistro and bar located in Berry Hill Quarry, a short and convenient distance from our parents houses.

The decor reminded me of some sort of Jazz club...but with a playlist to rival Radio 1's daytime one. I was actually surprised that it was well kitted out with nice decor as I know a while back it wasn't looking so good.

Caitlin and I arrived a little earlier than everybody else so we could have a couple of cocktails and a proper catch up as we hadn't seen one another for a few weeks.

I was fascinated (probably way more than I should have been!) about them mixing the cocktails in plastic sandwich glasses...them then served them in sandwich bags. Oh...had they run out of glasses? I'm not quite sure. That said, the cocktail was rather nice - but course it would be, laced with gin, vodka and elderflower. YUM!

As we had preordered, it didn't take more than 15 minutes after everybody had arrived for the starters to arrive. The cost was pretty good - two courses for £12.95, three courses for £15.95. Which, although fairly average for non-London prices, for a Christmas meal (not festive themed food but time of year-wise!) I was fairly impressed.

I'd picked a while ago so wasn't entirely sure what I had ordered. The starter arrived...

Mushrooms on toast with hollandaise sauce, a poached egg and dressed with a little rocket.

For a starter, I thought this was fairly heavy with the addition of hollandaise and a poached egg. The combination of flavours goes perfectly but I felt rather full after it. I must say, I did enjoy it and I think it's a great little dish.

Then onto the main...

Tuna steak with chorizo, green beans, tomatoes and rocket, served with new potatoes.

This was DELICIOUS. I love a tuna steak, and although slightly overcooked for my liking, it really was delicious. The chorizo and tomato sauce the steak and potatoes sat on was well seasoned and the flavours just went so well. Cannot big this up enough!

By this point, everybody was flagging. Apart from two of the ten of us, everybody had ordered dessert. I ended up sharing Caitlin's as she couldn't quite manage. We shared a (VERY rich) chocolate  brownie with ice cream. 

Another cocktail or two and we left VERY full and ready to hit the town.

If you're ever in the area, it's a good location (not smack bang in the town centre but not too far away) with well priced food for the quality. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and the cocktails were spot on. The bar staff were great but unfortunately we didn't get the happiest waitress in the world. She seemed really put out that another person had added onto our group (despite us calling to inform them of this that morning with the meal selections) - I must admit, it didn't make us feel hugely valued as customers, just a bit of an inconvenience really. Whether this was because it was the busy Christmas rush or not, who knows but other than that, I can't really fault the place.

If you ever fancy a cheapy two-three course meal, check out their website.


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