Friday, 9 January 2015


Five For Friday this week feels totally different to usual. I've been ill for a grand total of two weeks now and had no idea it was even Friday today...I've hardly left the house and feel absolutely shattered so the last two weeks have felt much longer. Yawn alert, especially if you follow me on Twitter and have read about my illness complaints!


Rest - it's honestly been so nice to just rest. I blame myself about 30% for getting ill as I completely ran myself ragged before Christmas. Note to all: REST! You do not need to do something every minute of every day; it's really not good for you!

Yoga practice - when I have felt ever so slightly better, I've managed a few yoga stretches and a couple of sun salutations here and there. It's really nice to include a little bit of yoga in my day to day life rather than just two or three weekly classes.

Bracken - I have so much love for this energetic thing. She's been keeping me company lately and I managed to get a bit of fresh air with her this morning which was a welcome relief to only seeing the insides of my house.

My NutriBullet - I used my new NutriBullet for the first time this week. Seriously impressed with how easy it is to use and also to clean. I've had juicers in the past that are an absolute pain in the arse to clean so this was a welcome relief! Very much looking forward to more frequent juicing being introduced to my life. I will write a review, of sorts, on the NutriBullet soon and a few recipes I've tried!

Cookbooks - Between my Mum and I, we have SO MANY cookbooks. Like seriously an unhealthy amount. Whilst I've been home, I've been making my way through a fair few of them! It's not only been nice to get some inspiration for new recipes to try but it's also been really nice to have a break from being glued to my Macbook or iPad and reading ACTUAL BOOKS.

Bit of a boring one this week but I have a nice weekend to look forward to (illness permitted!) - my friend and her boyfriend leave on Tuesday for a couple of years of travelling. Although a very sad goodbye, I'm so excited for them! Speaking of them, her boyfriend created an amazing Astrophotography Timelapse. Please check it out, it's seriously cool! Apart from that, yoga class on Sunday and then heading back down south for work next week, boooo! (to down South, not to work!)

What do you have planned this weekend? Anything exciting? Or just a lazy one? They're my favourite!



  1. I really want to get a NutriBullet, I have the mason jar glasses (pinterest!) ready for the smoothies! I'm celebrating my boyf's bday this weekend :) x

    1. They're sooo good Alice! And not too pricey either! I'm going to do a post on my first attempt at using it too so stay tuned :) xo