Friday, 16 January 2015


This week has absolutely flown by (yet again!) and I cannot believe it's time for another Five For Friday. This weekend I'm excited to be heading down to London for a lot of food and a bit of theatre. I'm hoping to try out a new place in Soho for lobster rolls and I am SO excited to go and see Wicked after years of wanting to check it out.

I've had a busy week trying to catch up on some work now I'm a little bit better and also trying to prepare some blog posts for a couple of exciting things I have to tell you about! I've also been looking (and daydreaming more and more!) at holidays and trips away. I'm in no position to jet off on a long trip as I did before but I really want to take a couple of breaks in the sun this year! More on that soon...

Here's this weeks FFF:

THESE!!! - I've always been a lover of Innocent Smoothies but these little cartons are fabulous. YES, they're for children BUT they're the perfect amount and there's something enjoyable about drinking from a carton with a straw! I was walking round Waitrose with my Mum and desperate for something to drink, other than water (I've been drinking 2-3 litres at least per day) and these little guys are perfect for a quick thirst quench!

90210 - I started rewatching it and have actually managed to make my way through the whole first season and am now onto season 2 (and half way in!) I loved it the first time around (the remake, not the original!) so it's great to see familiar characters. It's safe to say I'm ridiculously engrossed in it!

Productivity - this week I've felt rather productive. I feel like I've had so long off now and it's nice to be feeling a little more on top of things. My dad picked up this Emma Bridgewater To Do List pad for me to allow me organise my week and I feel like it's been such a help!

A leaving party - one of my close friends and her boyfriend had their leaving party on the Saturday just gone and we all had such a great evening. I caught up with SO many people I hadn't seen in a while and a few unexpected ones too which was really nice. I'm so excited for them to travel together; they really will have the most amazing time and I cannot wait to go and meet them at some point in a year or two somewhere.

These stunning flowers - these absolutely beautiful wild flowers sent to me by The Wild Flower company have absolutely made my week! I cannot wait to tell you more about them. Not only are their flowers stunning, the way they are packaging and delivered is excellent.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Do you have anything lovely planned?



  1. Hope it's a good one! What are you seeing in the theatre?

    1. I'm going to see Wicked :D my friend bought me a ticket for Christmas. So excited as I've wanted to see it for ages! Have a lovely weekend too xoxo