Friday, 23 January 2015


Another busy week but it's fun to get stuck into life again after weeks of being on my sick bed! I won't ramble on today as I'm ready to get into bed already!

Here's this weeks FFF:

This weekend - CRAZY EXCITED for this weekend! A weekend in London with one of my faves - yoga, healthy eating (then lots of unhealthy BUT tasty eating!)

Coconut quinoa - After trying out Michael's coconut quinoa and kale with cashew pesto this week (seriously, you need to try it!!); I am officially obsessed with quinoa cooked in coconut milk. So so good! 

New gym trousers - I decided, now it's 2015, that a new year meant new gym kit. I've still not found the perfect trainers (I'm being VERY fussy!) but I got some gym trousers from F&F at Tesco. Their gym range is honestly brilliant and I cannot get enough of these, especially for the price!

A productive week - this week, despite being ridiculously busy, has been really productive for me. Getting back to work and back into a routine has been really nice. There's a few exciting things on the horizon and I am a little giddy!

Bookworm bedtimes - I've really been getting into the idea of having half an hour to an hour of reading before bed. I know some people think this is lame but it's so nice to wind down after a day at work this way! I'm a little late to the party and only just reading Gone Girl; I'm not that far into it at the moment so not completely hooked yet.

I hope you have a great weekend - see you next week; I'll be pretty quiet this weekend (apart from on Twitter and Instagram) as it's set to be a jam packed weekend!


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