Friday, 30 January 2015


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This week has been BRILLIANT. Genuinely, really really good!

I've had great news at work and this year is set to get really exciting. As well as that I've managed a 12k and a 7k plus a yoga class, which I am really pleased with!

This week's FFF

Fare Healthy and a Weekend in London - last weekend I had SUCH a fun weekend with my right hand lady Emily. We went to Fare Healthy and got our sass on in a Dance Like Beyonce class as well as learning all sorts from the wonderful Ella of Deliciously Ella. We also had a lot of fun in Camden, catching up with friends, shopping at the market and had set ourselves up with a GORGEOUS breakfast!

The Riding House Café - part of our time in London was spent having a huge breakfast. We really went to town with the most amazing smoothies, bircher muesli to share and a breakfast each! A wonderful recommendation from Sophie and one I would pass on to anybody wanting a delicious breakfast in London.

Health and Fitness Progress - this week I feel has been a real turning point for me. I've managed a 7k and a 12k and felt so full of energy. I've been making sure I eat well - avocado and rye or granola and yoghurt for breakfast, a smoothie in my nutribulet, healthy snacks and nuts during the day and plenty of leafy greens, quinoa and good protein in the evenings. As well as that I've carried on with my 2 litres+ of water each day and been getting at least 7 hours sleep. It's crazy what a difference it's making. But let me make this clear - I have still be having the occasional biscuit and become seriously obsessed with Lindt dark chocolate with a hint of sea salt.

General Happy Vibes - I don't know whether it's the exercise, the diet (note: not diet 'diet' - lifestyle diet) or the fact I've just had a positive week but I am on top form. It's so refreshing to feel this positive!

Spending time with my bestie - Caitlin has been my friend since we were 3 and no matter how often we see each other, it's never any different when we are together - whether it's been a week or a month, we always have loads to chat about. Today was especially nice as she had nursing work to do and I was working from home so we were full on geeks and sat drinking green tea in my kitchen, with our macs all day. A LOT OF LOVE HERE <3

I hope you've all had a wonderful week and are looking forward to the weekend!


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