Thursday, 5 February 2015

ATE AT: Cay Tre, Soho

Just lately it feels like I've been catching up with friends from over the years that I lost contact with after leaving for uni and then going off gallivanting around the world. Obviously, me being me, a catch up isn't a catch up without food and a G&T or two (and a few cocktails, just for good measure, y'know?)

This catch up kinda caught me off guard, not because it was unexpected, quite the opposite but because I'm normally the one with the plan and the one that's chosen the place, done the research. What was so nice about this, was I had minimal input and my company for the night had really surprised me in taking the decision making out of my hands.

We started off with a few drinks at the Soho Theatre. I'd had a long day attending PLFM and SCOOP International for work so was ready for a little bit'a gin in my life. Plus, I hadn't got a train booked home so I was in absolutely no rush at all.

Having travelled Vietnam in 2013, I already had a liking for Vietnamese food, so when I was told about this brilliant Vietnamese place in Soho, I was excited by this suggestion. I'm oddly impressed when non-foodies think outside the box (not in a patronising way!) but mostly because it was such a simple decision. I can be a bit of a planner, so it's nice when somebody else takes charge and doesn't just suggest going for a burger or pizza somewhere.

We went to Cay Tre, a place I can 100% say you need to try if you're in Soho (or London in general really). It's just on Dean Street so fairly central and there's allsorts around it.

Going with the 'I'm not in charge of the decisions' theme of the evening. I picked my main and let the sharers be picked for us. Two mains - Spring Bowl (mine had crab and prawns in) and Hanger Steak Bun Sa with sides of water spinach (which was amazing!) and crispy Vietnamese spring rolls. We definitely ordered too much, especially after having a few drinks to start with...but the food was amazing.

The mains were full of different textures but each component was made up of so much flavour, but not just any flavour, authentic flavour!

The water spinach sautéed in garlic was so flavoursome that even a spinach-hater would appreciate it. I know, I know, it might not look a lot in the photo above, but trust me!

The spring rolls were perfectly crisp with a tasty filling. And both noodle bowls were full of texture and great flavour.

The prices really are reasonable for the quality of the food, and I can honestly say it won't be the last time I venture there. Their menu is pretty big so I would definitely suggest going as a big group and order, well...everything! It could be a great spot for a date as there are quite a few sharing options too!

For more information on Cay Tre or to call up and book a table, click here.

Oh, and a little tip, head to Chotto Matte on Frith Street afterwards for a Pisco cocktail - Pisco Sours are Peru’s signature drink, deserving of 'Pisco Sour Week' which is taking place in London, you guessed it, this week. We had the nicest barman serve us (I unfortunately didn't catch his name!) but he taught us allsorts and was so interesting. He also gave us a heads up to try their food next time as apparently it's top notch. AND you need to make sure you go down to the toilets - the graffiti is amazing!


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  1. The food looks wonderful, I've never eaten Vietnamese food, but it definitely looks worth a try.

    The cocktails look amazing too, is that star anise on top?

    Great review Natasha. x