Friday, 27 February 2015


My own bed - oh my how I've missed my own bed these last couple of weeks. Being away with work has meant hotels and staying with friends which, although really nice of course, has meant I've missed my home comforts. Safe to say my lovely Yankee candles have been lit all week and my fairy lights flicked on.

London Fashion Week - my first time at LFW. Although it wasn't quite as I imagined (most just there to be seen rather than to enjoy what's actually going on...sorry not sorry) It was an experience and something I've wanted to go to for years and years.

Looking on the bright side - if something messes up, what's the point worrying about it? This has been my attempted attitude this week and it's left me feeling less like a weepy mess and more like I can tackle the things that are thrown at me.

Today's sunshine - it's unbelievable what a little bit of sunny weather and blue skies can do for your mood. Today really feels like a Friday.

A weekend of minimal plans - I have a day in London tomorrow planned for the LFWend but, apart from that, COMPLETELY plan-less and that makes me very happy. I can go to the gym, laze in bed with Netflix and ALL the avocado on rye my heart desires.

I hope you all have something lovely planned for the weekend!


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