Monday, 23 February 2015

LIFE: London Fashion Week and a lot'a Brunch

I've been absolutely none stop for the last two weeks now and it's safe to say, I'm absolutely exhausted BUT the show must go on.

I've always been one of those girls during London Fashion Week, that is glued to any form of media (whether print or digital) giving show updates, trends spotted, the who's who of LFW...but this season, I was lucky enough to be invited. As I'm working within the footwear industry, we're fortunate enough to work with the likes of the lovely team at the British Fashion Council.

We had a few of our members there (must check out the wonderful Haava, her range is to die for!) so thought it would be rude not to show our faces!

Unfortunately the weather was absolutely horrendous for the majority of the time - Friday felt like the air was frozen around us and Sunday was torrential rain with frozen air. Not ideal but the turn out was still very positive. I must say though, nothing makes you feel more unfashionable than seeing the uber-fashionable of LFW.

We meandered around the designer showroom, took part in some must-do outfit snooping and got chatting to exhibitors, bloggers, organisers and, anybody ogling over the same 'I MUST HAVE IT' pair of shoes/dress/accessories.

As well as being present at LFW, I was naturally coerced by a rumbling tummy...

I had THE nicest Kale and Butterbean soup at Fernandez and Wells, which I will 100% be trying to recreate. The girls opted for the Spicy Chicken and Bean stew, which looked equally as good (although they assured me I had made the better choice - high fives to me!)

After a very lazy morning on Saturday, which was much needed but didn't exactly leave me feeling refreshed. We headed to Monkey Nuts in Crouch End. Somewhere I'd heard about but never been and we were still pretty dazed from tiredness/a few gins from the previous night, so struggled to make a decision. I ended up with poached eggs, avocado, beans, some reeeally good bread and a slab of gouda - which, I must admit, didn't really appeal to me with this breakfast. R decided a breakfast was simply not enough and, upon completely demolishing this mountain of food (eggs, beans, toast AND a hot dog) was congratulated by the amazed bar staff who couldn't believe quite that much food was possible in one sitting.

Sunday was yet another good brunch day. I met up with Michael of The Bearded Bakery for brunch at, my favourite, The Breakfast Club. It's great to meet up with people that can almost 90% speak about food for the entirety of a meal not get fed up with that topic. I'm pretty boring when I go to TBC and have Eggs Florentine (which is amazing, might I add) BUT as I ordered, the words Apple and Cinnamon French Toast came out of my mouth - and a WONDERFUL decision. I always underestimate JUST how well apple and cinnamon go together. Michael had the Huevos El Benny, which looked (and I was told was...) bloody lovely! YAY for brunch!

The rest of my Sunday consisted of a lovely catch up with one of my Aussie friends. I hadn't seen him since I left Melbourne last year so it was so lovely to be reunited for a couple of glasses of red. From there, I headed back over to Somerset House, in the freezing cold and rain, for a few more work-related meets.
I need to mention as well, this amazing Crayfish sandwich from Pret. Usually if I'm going into a chain café/coffee shop, I tend to opt for the salads - I'm always conscious of the amount of salts/sugars/bad stuff that goes in the fillings and unless I have rye/sourdough, I have a bit of a poorly tum...but, ALL of that said, I was drawn to this sarnie and it was lovely! Props to Pret!

After a manic weekend, manic week prior, little sleep...I can safely say I was VERY glad to get in bed yesterday evening. After a fun weekend, new experiences, amazing brunches and a few catch ups, I think I could sleep for a whole week!


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  1. Thanks for the shoutout! Lovely to meet you too. More brunch is needed! I need to branch out at TBC myself.