Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Drink at least 2 litres of water per day - I've managed this and it's amazing how much 'clearer' I feel. Which sounds weird I know but it's the only way I can describe it.

Read a new book - I read Gone Girl, a book everybody had been raving about but I was late to the party.

A sun salutation per day - I unfortunately didn't manage one each day. I was still ill well into week two of January so mostly bed or sofa bound so it's knocked me out of sync for most of January. I have managed at least 2 yoga classes each week though, which I'm pleased with - sometimes things just get in the way, don't they?

Bed by 10.30pm in the week - this has happened about 70% of the time but I've found I've remembered about half 9/10 that I need to do something for the following day quite often. I do feel SO much better if I get myself to bed earlier before work though!

Routine - I've definitely got back into a routine. I'm on top of going to the gym again, healthy eating, being back at work and the unpredictable weekends have left me feeling refreshed and a tad giddy.

February Goals:

Get back into daily blogging (six days a week) - I loved being able to post something everyday during December. I've decided I was to post daily Monday-Saturday and have Sundays as a post free day - also giving people chance to catch up on my posts throughout the week.

Prioritise my time better - I used the idea of Self Magazine's 21 Day Time Makeover to try and analyse how I spend my time and how I could turn myself from the Time Magician the quiz deemed me into a Time Queen, doing all the things I would like to do and not feeling overwhelmed. I need enough time for work, blogging, gyming, relaxing and all of the other things in between - more on this to come!

Food prep and cut down on snacking on the bad stuff - In the build up to Christmas I was snacking SO MUCH. The amount of biscuit and chocolate tins, not just in the office but also at home, meant I couldn't leave it alone. I've been better from Boxing Day until mid January with being poorly but I want to make sure I'm preparing my food and my snacks. After all, if I do insist on snacking, I'd rather be on the stuff that's better for me so a treat remains a treat.

Watching my spending - I've always been frivolous with money - ALWAYS! I've got better over time and now question when I'm stood in [insert store name here] whether or not it's worth spending 'x' amount on something but, still, I have days/weekends where I go a little crazy (last weekend was one of them!) so now I'm trying to give this whole adult thing a go, I want to try and budget. After all, if I'm wanting to travel again at some point, I really need to save.

Embrace all of the excitement - I am so excited about February. Yesterday I headed down to London for work for a couple of events which was great fun. I go to Milan next week for 6 days with work (EEEEEE!!!!) and my diary is jam packed until March now. I feel like my life is crazy different to how it was 6 months ago - and I don't want to jinx things, but seriously, I'm having an absolute ball right now!

Have you set yourself any goals for this month?



  1. Enjoy Milan, and good luck with the other goals.

    My goals are the same as ever. "Spend less" being at the forefront...


    1. Thanks :) we'll see if I stick to them this month!

      Urgh, it's so hard trying to be a sensible adult. I have no self control with money! xo