Monday, 2 February 2015

VISITED: Fare Healthy, Paradise by Way of Kensal Green

When I saw a tweet about Fare Healthy, I couldn't help but have a snoop.

Over the last 18 months (probably even longer now!) I've been intrigued by the recipes, health tips and general advice given by Honestly Healthy and the Hemsley Sisters. In the last 12 months, I had discovered Ella of Deliciously Ella and fallen in love with her recipes, her advice and, if I'm honest, pretty much everything she posts. Her diet is absolutely spot on for the kind of diet I am tailoring for herself and I really trust the tips she gives.

Fare Healthy was a one day event held at Paradise by Way of Kensal Green (a place I definitely need to go to at some points for a few drinks - I imagine the vibe at night is great!) The venue was lovely - a quirky decorated building, one several different levels with something new to explore in every room.

With unlimited green teas on offer, it was easy to spend a whole day getting lost in the talks, demonstrations and classes that were on offer.

Unfortunately we turned up a little too late to slot into our yoga class, so ended up in one of the Frame: Dance Like Beyonce classes - by far one of the most fun things I have EVER done! Get yourself to Shoreditch and have a go - and don't feel embarrassed. I spent the first ten minutes giggling away like a teenager but soon got into sass-mode and loved every minute of it. Over a week later and I'm still on a high from the whole experience (note: life motto - what would Beyonce do?)

Now, I have no coordination and probably looked like I was dad-dancing but Emily and I came out with Sasha Fierce alter egos! (and a want for 'Beyonce is my Spirit Animal' tshirts!)

During our first few hours there, we spent an hour or two upstairs in the conservatory. A beautiful light space that we could have stayed in for the whole day!

We joined in with one of the wonderful chats by the team at LuluLemon.

It was all about goal setting, where we see ourselves in 10 years and generally just an open and positive discussion about life and where we are at right now.

It was so interesting and gave all of us a lot to think about - but I must say, it was so comfortable and positive to be surrounded by a group of honest people, being able to discuss the difficulties are being where we are right now and the uncertainties of getting where we want to be.

It's not about the planning, it's about being present - sometimes than can be such a difficult thing to remember in day to day life. I can't wait to learn more about LuluLemon and hope to pop by at some point in the near future for another chat with the lovely ladies there!

After an hour of 'oh my god I'm thinking about my future right now and it is SCARY!', we had a wander around.

I began reminiscing after popping my head into a Vietnamese raw spring roll class.
The girls and I took part in something similar on our boat trip in Halong Bay - it's such an easy thing to make and so tasty!

All this thinking about our goals, peaking into food workshops and walking around had really made us hungry! And the smell of food coming from The Good Life Eatery made us need food there and then.

We headed into the main room for a wander over to Peardrop - who I've followed on Instagram for a while now and they constantly make me feel very hungry!

LUNCHTIME! I decided on Quinoa burgers, buttermilk chicken for Ems. With a side of avocado, of course!

The kale, spirulina and almond pesto was absolutely delicious and I 100% have to recreate those incredible quinoa burgers!

There was just so much on offer - including the Hemsley & Hemsley spiralizer that was an absolute bargain! Unfortunately, I hadn't taken a bag quite big enough AND I'm not sure my housemates would be too impressed with another inclusion to our pantry - already full of my baking equipment, nutribullet and masses of food! The joys of living with a self-confessed foodie, hey!

Aside from my Dance Like Beyonce workshop, my favourite part of the day was Ella's talk.

I made a ridiculous amount of notes in my phone - despite being an avid follower of her recipes and advice! She gave some invaluable advice and I can't wait to put it into action in my day to day diet.

This day was 100% a day of eating - but when it's healthy food that's not only nutritional but absolutely delicious, it's even better.

The Good Life Eatery do the most amazing juices - and this one was top of my list!

I still couldn't get enough of the venue - we finally had a little bit of piece mid-late afternoon and sat out in the garden, chatting about the day and thoroughly enjoying our green juices!

Another treat of the day were the superfood truffles from Sweet Virtues...

Full of good-for-you ingredients and still tasting satisfyingly sweet - you NEED these in your life!

Another cup of green tea later, and we were getting our game face on for our dance class (I can't help but giggle every time I start thinking about it - seeing Emily doing her signature Beyonce moves that we will definitely drunkenly re-create in Sheffield next weekend!)

I can't wait for the next Fare Healthy event - the atmosphere was great, filled with lovely people, interesting talks and amazing food. I learned so much from the event and really feel like it will benefit  not only my diet but the way I approach my day to day life - which sounds a little extreme to some, I'm sure, but it's great to go to an event like this and be surrounded with like minded people!

Oh, and I got to meet Melissa Hemsley - who was so bloody lovely and SO beautiful!

A wonderful end to a wonderful day!


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