Friday, 6 March 2015


Feeling like a city girl - I feel scarily at home in London. I am desperate to move closer, even though I'm not exactly far away. I like hopping on and off the tube, the quirky shops, the variety of restaurants...the hustle and bustle. I'm eagerly anticipating my next visit, whether for work or play!

It's feeling like spring - it hasn't exactly felt warmer but the sun's out, the sky is blue and the clouds are all cute and fluffy. I've seen tulips and daffodils (my favourite flowers, FYI) being sold and it just makes me excited for springtime and warmer weather!

My yoga class - I terribly miss my yoga class at my old gym; our teacher is so lovely, her practices are great and everybody just gets on well. This week, however, I went back to the classes at my new gym. Although it isn't quite the same, I thoroughly enjoyed the sense of calm it left me with. Yoga really is good for the soul.

Bed, fairy lights, reading - I keep mentioning (moaning!) how busy I am ALL. THE. TIME. On Tuesday night I got in late but instead of switching on the TV or loading up Netflix. I hopped into bed, flicked on my fairy lights and read for an hour and a half. And you know what? It was lovely. I woke up the following morning feeling so much more refreshed.

Going home - Yesterday I headed back up North to see my family and this evening I'm going up to Sheffield to see Ems, visit Peddler and get that much Northern lifestyle temporarily back in my world. I love Sheffield, Yorkshire, The North...definitely where my heart is.

I hope you have some lovely plans for this weekend! Let me know what you've getting up to in the comments or on twitter!


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  1. I love reading in the evenings, definitely helps me sleep better too! xo