Friday, 13 March 2015


Thai Coconut Pancakes - I met up with a friend on Monday night at Banana Tree so a delicious Indoasian meal which included this yummy dessert. The food overall was really good - we shared the seafood money bags (yes, their actual name) to start, I had blackened monk's noodles and he had a chicken dish. Yum yum yum.

Last weekend in Sheffield - Peddler, Espresso Martinis, Sheffield Street Food, catch ups with old friends, amazing brunch. It needs no more explanation.

Dinner Dates - I went round to my lovely friend Cherilyn's for dinner yesterday evening. We only met last month but you wouldn't think it's been that short length of time! She whipped us up a miso fish treat and it was delicious.

Plans - just lately I am making SO many and it's kinda fun. My diary is pretty much jam packed until May now so I'm hoping I don't crash and burn with tiredness at some point. I'm very much looking forward to April, not only for my birthday but for a couple of weekends away, a few blogger meet ups/events and some time with my family.

A trip to China - Tomorrow I fly to Shanghai for a week for work and I'm really (!!) excited. I'd never even imagined China being somewhere I would travel to this year but feel very lucky to be going and representing the company. Who'd have thought this would be in store for me in 2015 (/ever) but, it's all about taking a chance, isn't it?

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