Friday, 20 March 2015


I suppose this FFF is a bit of a different one, considering I've spent the last week in Shanghai for work. Having never been to China before, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect other than a lot of noodles, eating with chopsticks and a very different level of etiquette in comparison with the UK (and many other cultures, for that matter).

It's now Friday and I fly home tomorrow evening (and for a weekend in Manchester - hooray!) so it's been a bit of a whirlwind, but one I've thoroughly enjoyed - it's a great experience to be thrown into these things. And, I suppose, now's the time to say - I've had a big promotion. I'll be doing a lot more trips away and have been given a lot more responsibility (I mentioned this very vaguely a while ago but couldn't mention it until announced)

SO, this week's FFF:

A tour of Shanghai - As I had a few hours to kill on Monday, I arranged a four hour trip of Shanghai. I was going to attempt to do it myself but figured I would see way more if arranged via the hotel. We started off in The Old Town and Yu Garden before heading to a tea ceremony (I will be telling you about this soon!), over to the French area, down to The Bund and to People's Square. It was a great chance to see what Shanghai has to offer!

The food - It's been a very experimental week for food - good and bad. Asian food is high up there on my list of favourites but, my worry, you never really know what you're eating out here. We've had a couple of good meals and couple...erm..that were questionable. I had a fantastic half lobster and scallop salad - possibly a highlight of my foodie week, but not exactly Chinese.

Baths with a city view - After long days, it's obviously important to try and wind down for a few hours in the evening. I've been lucky enough to stay in a beautiful room at the Hilton with a bath tub kinda in the middle of my room, by the window overlooking the city lights of Shanghai, complete with TV above so I can chill out with a film.

Confidence - This week has been a fairly big deal to me with coming to China as the only representative from my company. It's been a real test, especially considering how anxious I can get sometimes but, aside from o2 completely blocking my phone at one point, I've handled it really well. It's given me faith in myself that I can do the things I actively put my mind to.

A weekend in Manchester - Although technically for next weeks FFF, I'm flying into Manchester on Saturday to be picked up by my best friend. I haven't seen him since just after Christmas so am really excited to see a friendly face in arrivals and have big catch up!

I hope you've all had a fab week and are looking forward to the weekend!


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  1. That's so exciting! What an awesome opportunity. Im glad you got some time to explore. Definitely excited to hear more! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog