Monday, 2 March 2015


I feel like I really lost focus with my goals last month. If I'm completely honest, I can't believe February has been and gone. I feel like February was a week long. It was a VERY busy month. Like, MAJORLY busy. I haven't stopped.

I had yesterday afternoon to myself but that's the first time I've actually be like 'you know what, I'm laying in bed watching multiple films on Netflix with no makeup on, in my pyjamas, with my candles burning and drinking peppermint tea'. And that was great. Really, really great.

February was a month of work, events and exhibitions and a lot of time away. The first few days saw me head down to The Saatchi Gallery to check out SCOOP. The following weekend I finally got myself to Sheffield to see Quantic DJ and did the whole nostalgic thing about my old life there. I always feel incredibly sad having to leave Sheffield. Following that, I then had a week away in Milan at MICAM - a long, busy week but had SO much fun. Who said work was always boring? I touched down at home for 24 hours post-Milan then had three days at London Fashion Week so, as you can imagine, by the Monday I was exhausted. I then visited London Fashion Weekend to see some of those I am in contact with through work (and spend some money, of course!). We also checked out the Guy Bourdin photography exhibition (which I will blog about this week) at Somerset House - definitely worth going to! 

And now it's March...and I cannot quite believe it.

I'm genuinely knackered at the moment. I tried to get a whole working week of early nights in last week, but that didn't quite go to plan after a trip to Pauly's Soul Food CafĂ© and an open mic night at The Lamplighter (which was great!) then there was the unintentional night out in Angel on Saturday (and AMAZING tapas) and maybe missing my train and getting back the following morning, praying there wasn't a big yellow FINE slapped across the windscreen of my car.

As you can tell, life has been hectic. Fun but hectic. It's been all about new experiences, networking, spontaneous plans (can you still call it a plan if it's spontaneous?) so March...I'm excited to see what is in store.

This coming weekend I will be FINALLY heading home for some R&R...although, there's the option of a night in Sheffield, which I will probably decide upon. I'm also going to...SHANGHAI (?!?!!) Yes, I can't quite believe it either. A work Shanghai. Blows my actual mind. Post-Shanghai I'm also planning a trip to Manchester to see one of my closest friends for a couple of days for burgers, breakfasts and general food-related fun.

So rather than March being a month of trips to London. It's just going to be a month of trying to get some down time in where possible as I know April will be another busy month (AND MY BIRTHDAY!)

SO, February's Monthly Goals:
- Get back into daily blogging (Mon-Sat) - FAIL - Didn't even slightly manage this. I've been too busy to spend any free time doing anything other than sleeping
- Prioritise my time better - KINDA ACHIEVED - despite not doing things (like my daily blogging), I have actually managed to prioritise my time. I've found that being REALLY busy with work has allowed me to try and fit things in around this. Although you could argue that I've not done my daily blogging, nor have I managed to get to the gym that maybe I haven't achieved this?
- Food Prep and cut down on bad snacking - ACHIEVED - definitely managed this. I've been making salads, kale quinoa, brown rice, soups all in bulk for lunches and dinners. In the evenings rather than snack on crisps, chocolate etc. I've been having natural yoghurt, a teaspoon of nut butter, blueberries and gluten free cornflakes as a sweet treat (it's honestly so tasty!) I've also been having my daily smoothies using my Nutribullet since January AND snacking on nuts or raw bars. *high fives to me*
- Watch my spending - 100% FAILED - I had to LOL at this. My spending this month has been nothing short of ridiculous. I've not budgeted, probably left myself really short and, if I'm honest, bought things I probably didn't need. However, my wants outweighed my needs and I have eaten at some great places, bought some beautiful things and generally just bloody enjoyed myself. So, although I'm left myself skint, it was so worth it.
- Embrace all of the excitement - ACHIEVED - I feel like I've achieved this twice over this month. I've had one of the most exciting and interesting months. Excitement fully embraced.

So, March...what's in store. It's going to be another busy month so I need to set realistic goals.
READ READ READ - I set myself this goal the month before last but it was definitely something I was to keep doing. Even if I only read one book this month, I want to make sure I do so. I miss getting lost in books like I used to do at University.
EXERCISE 3 TIMES A WEEK - I have really slacked on the gym this month. I want to try and do my two yoga sessions per week and one or two workouts as well but as long as I managed to show my face three times in a week I'll be happy (although, when in Shanghai this won't be possible!)
GO WITH THE FLOW - I suppose I had a bit of a blip last month. I allowed myself to believe a situation would work out and it hasn't. BUT the best news is that I didn't let it get me down. So I need to keep going with the flow, take things as they come and just make the most of any situations, good or bad, that occur. And if all else fails...
PLAN A TRIP, FOR ME - Although I'm going to be spending a lot of time out of the country this year, I want to make sure I have a trip solely for me. I keep saying I'll head over to Amsterdam as an old school friend lives there and I am so desperate to get myself to Morocco.
WRITE A PROPER LIST OF PLACES I WANT TO EAT AND THINGS I WANT TO DO - I have loads of random notes, bits of paper, scribbles in notebooks, cut outs...I need to organise all of these and make sure I get myself to as many as possible. I also want to get a proper list together of exhibitions I want to go to, plays,'s all part of prioritising my time better and seeing/doing as much as possible.
Have you got any goals for this month? I'd love to know.

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