Wednesday, 11 March 2015

TRIED: My Protein #1 - Porridges and Smoothies

Protein products are something I've been keen to try for a while now...but I find they're one of those things that people, girls especially, are put off by. We seem to associate protein with putting on weight, but that's not the case.

Protein can infact aid weight loss because of the boost you get from the product, it helps your body to work harder during workouts. Not only this, we need protein in our diets and, sometimes, the time isn't always there to prepare a meal or simply, we just feel a bit lazy.

With a product like MyProtein, all you really need to is add water or milk to the majority of the powders.

MyProtein have been going for around 10 years now and are very dedicated to providing quality products (over 350 online now!) that are created through scientific research rather than any added bad stuff!

I was sent a very generous amount of different samples which I've been working my way through (albeit very slowly as I've been away a lot!)

The first product I decided to try was the smoothie. I have a juice or smoothie everyday, made with my NutriBullet, so I was keen to try their breakfast smoothie to see whether it's something I would incorporate into my daily life.

Upon first adding the water, pre-shake, it didn't look the most appetising of drinks...and I kinda expected it to be a pinky colour...

...but I have to admit, it was delicious. Quite sweet but the flavour was great and definitely something I could see myself having every morning before work.

Sticking to the theme of breakfast - the next two mornings I opted for the protein porridges.

First up, chocolate...

Again, I don't think it necessarily looks like the most appetising of meals but it tasted great.

The oats added texture and the chocolate wasn't too sweet nor to bitter.

The banana porridge was the one I was a little skeptical about as I thought it may be a little overpowering in taste but I was wrong. I preferred the chocolate, but the banana was also really tasty.

You'll all know by now, I'm a huge breakfast straying away from my usual overnight oats or avocado on rye for a few days could have been a struggle but I have to admit, I loved the breakfast options MyProtein offer. Not only did they taste great, were simple to make (literally, just adding water or milk) and they left me feeling full of energy. And to be honest, that's one of the biggest things for me. Over the winter months I've felt so lacking in energy so a protein boost like these really does the trick in keeping you going throughout the day.

As well as the breakfast products, I also thoroughly enjoyed the Oat and Whey Flapjack. I unfortunately completely forgot to grab a photo as I was stuck in traffic in the car and well, it was starring at me from the box on the passenger seat...another great product that I could have probably devoured two or three of because it was so yummy!

Stay tuned for the next update on myprotein products to find out how I got on with them.

*I was kindly sent these products to review, however all opinions are completely honest and my own!*


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