Friday, 3 April 2015


I've been a bit stressed this week. Things have felt like they're piling up around me and I've felt a bit PMS-y so it's not been all that fun. HOWEVER, IT'S EASTER - HAPPY EASTER! And I'm lucky enough to not only have today off but also Monday AND Tuesday. So, I'm a bit skint this month but have plans for Sheffield, home, possibly a day in Camden, dog walking AND baking over the Easter break.

This salad - I'm obsessed with it. I made it in bulk this week and devoured it every day for lunch.

My bargain candles from Clinton's - I had run out of my Yankee Candle faves (Black Coconut and Black Cherry) and the Clinton Card local to my work actually sells them...upon venturing in, I noticed these bad boys. HALF PRICE. Up to 50 hours burning, they smell absolutely amazing and I know they're not as nice as Yankee but hey, they're a very good compromise - three for £18 which is cheaper than the cost of a large Yankee, plus up to 150 burning hours there!

Lighter mornings and evenings - YESSSSSS! It makes such a difference

Spring flowers - daffs in my windowsill, tulips everywhere. HEAVENLY!

Lazy weekend - last weekend was wonderful. I went for tapas and drinks with the girls on Friday and a spontaneous night out. Saturday I kinda went for more tapas and had a film night. Sunday was spent lazing, alllll day. It felt great. A bit of food, a few drinks and great company plus my bed, Netflix and afternoon sunshine. What more could I want?

Wine, Thai and Cards Against Humanity - the plan for this evening and one that sounds great for a Friday night for the Bank Holiday Weekend. I love CAH too much! (and wine and Thai...obvs)

HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY! Hope you've got something lovely planned.


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  1. Lighter mornings definitely help! I've been feeling like I have soo much more energy! Wine thai and CAH sounds ideal to me as well :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog