Friday, 10 April 2015


I feel like I'm being a very bad blogger at the moment. I'm really not posting as often as I'd like to but there are several other things that need to attention a little more unfortunately. I am missing it though, so once a few things are sorted I should be able to manage three or four posts each week again.

This week has been a bit of an odd one really. I've only actually been at work one day because my company give both Easter Monday and the Tuesday off as holiday as well as Good Friday. WINNER! I also have today off to go to Brighton to meet some very lovely bloggers!

I'll keep it short and sweet as I need to hop on my train very shortly...

Here's this week's FFF:

A Tapas Cooking Class with Omar of Tapas Revolution - The absolutely lovely Taylah announced me as her competition winner for this fab cooking class. It was so much fun being taught about different ingredients that are popular in Spain as well as making a couple of really authentic dishes. I can't wait to get cracking with some more Spanish cuisine in the kitchen!

Easter Break - I was in desperate need of the Bank Holiday weekend. Since I started my new role everything has felt really hectic and I just needed a few days of friends, family and, most importantly, food. I spent last Friday evening with friends having a delicious Thai meal and playing Cards Against Humanity. Saturday and Sunday morning were spent with my Parents back in Nottingham, Sunday afternoon and Monday were spent in Sheffield catching up with everyone, enjoying the sun and having a few drinks (perfect!). Tuesday was a catch up day - emails, life, everything...before heading back to work. The break did me A LOT of good.

WEATHER - I'm not the only one who has been enjoying this warm weather and beautiful sunshine! It makes me so much happier and the days feel so much easier.

BRIGHTON!!! - I am heading down to Brighton very soon to meet a few bloggers for some tapas, organised by the lovely Rosie. I've met a few of them before but some are new faces. EXCITING!

Planning a move - I'm hopefully going to be moving soon and I can't wait. My house at the moment is great and perfect for a short term home but I'm looking forward to getting a place that I can make more my own.

I hope you're going to be enjoying the glorious weather whatever you get up to this weekend!


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  1. I know what you mean, it was so nice to have a few days off! I actually went to Brighton over the weekend and it was lovely. Exciting about the new home too! x

    Jasmin Charlotte