Friday, 24 April 2015


It's been a while since I last blogged. You know what it's like, things get busy, priorities shift a little...but I am really missing it.

Weeks disappear, Friday's show their faces, weekends fly by and it's ready to start a new week again. That said, April has almost passed by and, quite frankly, I can't keep up!

This week has been brilliant as it's my birthday week - yes, a whole week (#birthweek) - so as you can imagine, I've been up to allsorts.

Sherwood Forest Log Cabins - At the weekend 10 friends and I hired to log cabins in Sherwood Forest. I'm very lucky to have grown up around a 15 minute drive from Sherwood Forest but, until this weekend, have probably always taken it for granted. The weather is absolutely beautiful so we did a few outdoorsy bits, Go Ape, afternoon really was lovely.

Sheffield and Spa Days - On the Monday my Parents and I headed over to the place that has my heart - Sheffield - for a spa day, breakfast at Marmaduke's and a bit of shopping. Again, beautiful weather, so it made walking around really enjoyable. And the spa day, well, the massage - fabulous!

A Trip to York - I've apparently been to York as a child but have no memory of it so decided it would be a nice way to spend my birthday. Betty's for afternoon tea, Bill's for a delicious burger, a wander down the Shambles, getting a bit giddy (and purchasing) in Mulberry. It was everything I'd hoped..although, a little too touristy.

Birthday Presents - I had some lovely bits for my birthday this year and feel very spoilt. AND...I'M GOING TO SEE CATFISH AND THE BOTTLEMEN. Couldn't be more excited after the tickets were sold out by the time I had chance to try and get them.

Feeling Grateful - I have felt so lucky this week - for my family, my friends, where I grew up...I've had a real mind shift on a lot of things.

HAPPY WEEKEND! I hope you have a good'un


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