Friday, 8 May 2015


Relaxation time at home - I had all sorts planned for the bank holiday weekend but when it came down to it...I just felt like doing absolutely NOTHING. I wanted to bake, go to yoga, go for a run, enjoy the sunshine (in between that pesky rain!) and spend some time just enjoying the freedom to do nothing. And you know what, that's exactly what I did. I caught up on sleep, I went to yoga, I ran, I walked the dog, I baked, I made multiple meals for myself and my parents, I saw my was very much needed.

A trip to Barkers - as I work within the footwear industry, I'm lucky enough to get quite a few perks with my job. One of these is trips to the footwear factories to see how company's make their beautiful shoes. I was lucky enough to visit Barkers for a few hours to see exactly what goes into those leather beauties!
Yoga - I've been a bit slack on yoga recently. I can make all the excuses under the sun as to why I've not been to my classes BUT that's no excuse not to do a half hour practice at home. On Sunday I went back to my old gym and fell in love with practising yoga all over again. Tracey truly is an amazing teacher and it was lovely to be in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of my old class. 
Understanding the balance - I told you recently that I've been going to meditation classes for the past few weeks now and I'm really into it. These meditations don't encourage you to completely zone out and push any thoughts out of your head...they encourage you to let those thoughts come, focus on your breathing instead and let the thoughts 'just be'. It might sound silly if it's something you haven't done before or just think is stupid but it's really effective. This week we spoke about accepting your attachments, aversions and the things we feel indifferent about. It was about finding the balance, accepting all of these things being part of you and finding clarity with that. It made so much sense to me and it's really helped me find clarity this week.
A trip to the Lakes - Today I'm heading for some fresh air, fun and countryside. I haven't been to the Lake District for years now but am excited to get away for a long weekend in a beautiful cottage and have some time away from work and normal life.

Have a fab weekend - are you up to anything exciting?


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