Friday, 15 May 2015


I've had the best week. Since my last FFF I had a long weekend in the Lake District, which was the most fun I've had in so long! Apart from that I've been working, had a work event and been to another great meditation class.

This week, yet again, has flown...I think I need a new catch phrase.

I'm already excited for the weekend!

This week's FFF:

The Lake District - ...well, technically the Yorkshire Dales but, close...I went with my new roomie, her brothers and some of their friends and had the nicest time. Too much alcohol was drunk, so many laughs were had and, all in all, it was just a great long weekend. The rain didn't get us down!

Yorkshire Sculpture Park - on the way back from the lakes, we stopped off at YSP. I'd been once before with some of my friends from Sheffield and seeing as it was my suggestion, I was anticipating a torrential downpour. Thankfully the weather was absolutely stunning. We had a really lovely walk for a few hours too.

MOVING!!!! - I AM SO HAPPY THAT I'M MOVING!! Although I like my current house and my housemates, the house isn't homely and lacks a living room (greedy landlord!) I'm moving in with my friend and her two cats to a really, really lovely house. I've got a couple of weeks left in my current place, which is ideal as I'm away every weekend until moving weekend now.

Good nerves - this sounds like a really weird thing to be enjoying/be happy about but you know what I mean...those kind of nerves that are excitement about the unexpected but you know it's just something good that's going to happen. No...?

Early nights - After a busy/alcohol-fuelled/tiring at the weekend, I've been getting early nights since Monday (when we got back). I can't say I'm yet to feel 100% refreshed but it's really helped me get through the busy days at work. Sleep definitely is a healer!

This weekend I'm heading back home for my Grandad's 85th birthday and anticipating a delicious lunch with friends on Sunday...oh, and a trip to Ikea for furniture (which I'm excited about - why is Ikea so exciting?!)



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  1. Sounds like a brilliant week! Hopefully this weekend will be just as fantastic!

    Sandra x