Friday, 22 May 2015


For once I actually feel like this week has really dragged. I've felt a bit unmotivated and found myself gazing out of the window, researching places to travel to or wanting to eat most things in sight. I'm wondering whether it's the mix of cold, grey weather then bright sunshine and warmer days. I'm not sure my body knows whether it's coming or going. I recently wrote a little catch up post to let you know what's been going on, but as usual, here's this weeks Five For Friday;

EARLY NIGHTS - I swear I put this in my FFF recently (yep, after checking, literally last week...), but I've been enjoying early nights again. I feel constantly exhausted at the moment so it's nice to get home, have a nice, light dinner and hop into bed early.
FLIGHTS BOOKED - Milan, Florence, Lake Garda, New York, Vegas - THEY'RE ALL BOOKED. Yes, for work but I've got a few days on the end of each for holidays. I feel so lucky to be typing this! I can't believe the travel opportunities I get. I'm also booking Copenhagen and Budapest over the next couple of weeks for a holiday!
A TRIP TO IKEA - I went over to Ikea on Monday after work and bought my very first bed! (BIG DEAL!) I also had meatballs, which made me very happy. I love Ikea, I'm not even ashamed to say it. They have everything you could ever think of wanting but it's super cool and super quirky!
HOMEWARE - as I'm moving in two and a half weeks, I'm starting to get giddy again over homeware. I've got my eye of around 5 or 6 prints now (including this beauty) that I'm buying today. I've got my bed, a beautiful new mirror and bedside table. I've got a rug and curtains sorted. All I really need is little bits, a lampshade another bedside lamp. It's all coming together!
THIS WEEK'S MEALS - Aside from Monday, I've cooked at home every night this week and made some really tasty meals. I made a delicious raw avocado, basil and cayenne courgette with grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and crumbled feta on Tuesday, a delicious peppered tuna steak, courgette ratatouille and lemon kale on Wednesday and I made a really good tomato and lentil soup for my lunch on Thursday and Friday. I'm hoping to blog all of these recipes next week but for daily/weekly updates on what I'm cooking and eating, follow me on Instagram.

What have you got planned this weekend?


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