Thursday, 28 May 2015

LIFE: 25 Before 25

Having recently turned 24, well that fills me with absolute dread. The time that has passed between turning 21 and 24 seems to have gone by at lightening speed. Next year I'm 25. Oh. My. Lord. No offence to those 25+ but that makes me feel old. I still feel like I'm 18 (in body, not in mind - I'm definitely an old soul!)

With this horrifying truth in mind, it got me's time for another list. It's no secret I love a list. Love, love, love. Nothing satisfies me more than making a list, crossing things off (maybe even adding things I've already done JUST to cross them off, y'know, achievements!) At the start of 2015 I created my 15 for '15. So far I've completed (or almost) 6 of 15 - moving to a place of my own, planning a Morocco trip for later in the year, planning my next tattoo for later in the year, paying off most of my debt, more blogger meet ups and condensing my belongings - which I'd say isn't great going as we near month six of 2015, but still, better than nothing! A couple of definitely unachievable this year too. I've also got my bucket list, the big'un, the one that needs amending and attending too ASAP.

With all these lists in mind, things to complete by the end of the year, things to complete 'one day' and less than 12 months until I'm 25 (*shudder*) - it's time for A NEW LIST. 25 before 25 - it does what it says on the tin - 25 things to tick off before I'm 25. It can't really be things from my main bucket list because a) money b) time c) work commitments. It's realistic/kinda-realistic/maybe a chance things and a few things to strive for. So enough rambling, here we go...

1) ACTUALLY GET TO BLOODY MOROCCO - One of my closest chums (follow her and her boyfriend on their incredible travels around the world) will laugh/roll her eyes if she reads this. I have been banging on and on and on about going to Morocco since we were 16. I am SO desperate to go. I'm going to make it there, even if it's for a long weekend, before I'm 25.

2) A TOUR OF THE STRIP IN VEGAS - This is probably a bit of a cheat as I'm going to Vegas in August for a week for work BUT I only technically have a day to do anything. I plan to sunbathe, HARD. But I also want to check out the Venetian and the other cool hotels there.

3) THE SIGHTS OF NEW YORK - Another cheat as I'll be there for work in both September and February. I'm thinking February might be bad weather-wise and I've already got a few days extra there in September so I'm wanting to get to the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, The Empire State Building, Central Park, Upper East Side (xoxo Gossip Girl), Grand Central station and a bloody good Jewish Deli for some Pastrami on Rye. 

4) RUN A 5K - Whether it's a colour run, one of those obstacle things, a 5k twice round a park...I want to achieve it. I'm not great at running but it's a skill I'd like to possess even if it takes me an hour to run that far.

5) COMPLETE THE GAME OF THRONES BOOKS - A huge achievement if I manage it as they're CHUNKY. I tried to read the first one while I was travelling but kept stopping and starting. I'd love to be able to read the original story and not the alterations/different tone set by the TV series. 

6) GET THE NEXT TATTOO I'VE GOT PLANNED - I'm extending the tattoo on my ribs, know what I want, have spoken to the girl I get my tattoos done with over here and I am hoping it'll be done in the Autumn.

7) SWAP MY CAR - I've always been lucky enough to get my cars second hand from my Grandma, meaning next to no mileage, good cars. Before my next birthday I want to swap for the new Mini Cooper S or the new shape VW Polo. It feels like a big commitment getting a new car on finance but I feel like my job is now stable enough to do so.

8) GIVE BLOOD AGAIN - Because I tend to get a new tattoo at least every 6 months, I have only ever given blood twice (you have to wait six months after a tattoo to be able to give blood again). As it's now been six months+ since my last and at least another 4 or 5 until my next, I want to give blood in that time frame.

9) HELICOPTER RIDE OVER THE GRAND CANYON - As I'll hopefully have two Vegas trips between now and 25, I'm hoping that my next trip (probably in February) I'll have a few extra days to be able to get to see the sights and most definitely the Grand Canyon. But properly - in a helicopter. It fills me with so much excitement just thinking about it eek!

10) REPLACE OLD HOMEWARE (THAT'LL 'JUST DO FOR NOW') WITH NEW THINGS (THAT I LOVE) - As I'm moving soon, a lot of the things I have are either stuff from uni or from my room at my parents house. I love the majority of things from home but, over the years, things have been bought for me or I've just made do with cheaper alternatives. Now I'm working full time and will be living in a beautiful house, I want to make sure the things in my bedroom and other rooms of the house are things I love, not just tolerate. I've already started getting some beautiful prints, got a dreeeeamy bed and am slowly but surely getting bits and bobs sorted. BUT I want to love everything, if that's not asking too much.

11) SEE MORE OF ITALY - This year I'm already going to Lake Garda, Florence, Pisa and Milan. I'll be doing a Garda and Milan trip again at the beginning of next year (all work) but off the back of these trips, I want to see more of Italy. I can get from Milan to Florence on the train in just under two hours so what's stopping me? I'd love to go to Rome, Venice and/or Sicily.

12) DO SOMETHING MORE ADVENTUROUS WITH MY HAIR - I've always been a brunette. I branched out for 12 months or so and had blondish dip dye and absolutely loved it BUT I was told it looked better all one colour, and of course, I listened. I want to do something different. I don't want to just play it safe. Of course, I suit dark hair - I have dark features, so it makes sense but I want to just do something cool once so I can say to myself 'yeah, I went there' and if it doesn't suit me, at least I know.

13) EAT AT MY TOP 10 RESTAURANTS TO VISIT IN LONDON LIST - I'm going to blog this soon, but I have a list (/numerous lists) of places I want to eat at, not just in London but across the globe. I think London top 10 could be doable considering I'm there a fair bit for work.

14) UP MY FILM KNOWLEDGE - I only really think to watch new films if somebody suggests  putting one on. If I ever watch a film alone, it's usually one I've already see a million times (something girly usually, or Grease, Chicago or Hairspray, I love a musical). I really do feel like I need to watch more films - whether it's new releases or classics, I need to up my game.

15) EXPERIMENT EVEN MORE WITH FOOD - As this blog will probably demonstrate (or more likely, my Instagram will) I love food, I love to eat, I love to cook. This last year I've got more and more into healthier cooking but I still love my original favourites - Mexican and Tapas. I want to branch out more with cooking, making little tapas feasts or just generally experimenting with more authentic styles of cooking. I will still be an advocate of avocados, courgetti and anything sweet potato but I also want to do a little more with different cuisines.

16) BE REALLY ESTABLISHED WITHIN MY CURRENT JOB ROLE - This may sound a little overambitious but I've already come so far in the short time I've worked for my company. I'm hoping by April next year that I'm fully trained for the role and doing really well within it. I know this job could get me really far within the industry so I want to give it my all.

17) ATTEND A YOGA AND MEDITATION RETREAT - I love yoga, reaaally, really love yoga. I've also got into meditation since the beginning of the year. I'd love to combine the two and head off to a retreat for a long weekend/a week. I'd ideally like it in somewhere like Bali but I've also heard about a really good one in Glastonbury that's not too pricey considering it's for the weekend with food/accommodation included. It's a raw food weekend too, so right up my street!

18) LIVE WITHIN MY MEANS - Don't we all wish for this? But I'm pretty terrible. I'm a frivolous spender and having a credit card makes me even worse. I haven't got myself into any big messes yet *touches wood* but I need to stop thinking oooooh that's a nice dress, ohhhh I really need that hanging plant pot, OH LOOK a cushion with a sausage dog on. I love to travel, I love to eat out - these are more important things that things I may not get instantly excited over in 6 months time. I'm terrible for spending at least half of my monthly wages within a week or so of getting paid. STOP IT NATASHA. Aim: be better at the whole money thing.

19) USE MY FREE TIME PRODUCTIVELY - Because I'm so busy a lot of the time - be it for work, work trips, social life, family time etc - when I do have some time to myself I tend to like to do absolutely nothing (ie. watch Netflix in my pants, eating nut butter from the jar and snoozing). I need to find that balance. I need to spend my free time doing yoga, reading a book or going for a walk and my make sure my busy times aren't overlapping as much as possible so I'm not spreading myself too thinly and burning out - something I've done a couple of times in the last 12 months. 

20) SEE ANOTHER MUSICAL AND/OR CIRQUE DU SOLEIL AGAIN - I love musicals and I love Cirque Du Soleil. My parents and grandparents are big theatre fans so over the years I've seen a crazy amount of musicals and plays, something I always have and always will enjoy.   Cirque Du Soleil is obviously slightly (a lot) different but still something I really love. I've seen it live, once, but on TV many times. I would love to get to a show or two before I'm 25.

21) GO TO A THEME PARK - Rollercoasters are something I used to hate as a child but as an adult, I can't get enough of. My parents took me to Florida for my 20th and it was the best holiday ever. I'd had a pretty rough 12 months prior to that and it was exactly what I needed - the rollercoasters left me feel exhilarated and I absolutely love that feeling. Alton Towers isn't far from my parents house or my house so it's definitely on the cards, hopefully during the summer.

22) VISIT A PSYCHIC/HAVE MY PALM READ - This might sound like an odd one but I had my palm read while I was in New Zealand and the lady was absolutely spot on with the things she said. I told her nothing about me but she just knew (I was really hungover but it totally made sense to me). I'd love to go to another psychic/palm reader to see if it's a similar discussion and what more I could find out.

23) STOP WORRYING SO MUCH ABOUT 'BEING SKINNY' AND START APPRECIATING MY BODY - I've always had a self-confidence issue when it comes to my appearance and I'm sure this isn't uncommon among many ladies out there (and a lot of guys too!) but lets face it, we ALL have something we don't like about ourselves. I have fat knees, chubby cheeks and a big head but I also have curves, a smallish waist and narrow shoulders (which I kinda like). I have spent a lot of time over the years beating myself up over not being skinny enough, toned enough, pretty enough. Sometimes you have to realise, you need to accept what you've been given and learn to love it. Because what's the point in comparing ourselves to all of those cover girls that have been airbrushed to shit - made to look thinner, stretch marks/cellulite removed (WE ALL HAVE IT, STOP LYING TO US!!!). I'm slowly (very, very slowly) beginning to realise that, although it could be better, I've not been completely slapped by the ugly stick.

24) GIVE BACK A LITTLE - Mostly to my parents and my grandma. They've helped me SO MUCH financially and mentally over the years and I can't quite get over to them how much I appreciate it. I want to try to give back - be it a little money each month or a treat every now and them as a thanks and as an 'this is for all those times I've needed a hand'.

25) KEEP BEING 'A YES WOMAN' - This is something I decided on in 2013 as I felt like I was always reluctant to embrace new things and be spontaneous. 2 years on, I feel like I'm becoming more and more of a yes woman and whether it's just coincidence, luck or the result of this mentality but it seems to be paying off. I've said yes to A LOT of things already this year - travels, foods, experiences, a possible relationship - and things seem to be working out. I want to keep this up. I want to be the yes woman that gets these 25 things achieved before I'm half way to 50!

So that's it, my 25 things to achieve before I'm 25. Doable? I hope so, but if not, it'll be a lot of fun trying!


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  1. What a great list! Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing - I think I need to do a 30 before 30... got a few years but I want to make sure I look back at my twenties and feel proud of what I achieved. Also, I totally do the whole write something down on the list I've already done just to cross it off - so satisfying!! xx