Tuesday, 19 May 2015


I realised it's such a long time since I've done a little catch up post (I know you get my Monthly Goals posts but I mean a really catch up). I appreciate some (most/all?) may not been completely interested in this but, like I've always said, my blog is first and foremost for myself - my own online diary.

I seem to begin most of my Five For Friday posts with 'where has the week gone?', 'Life's hectic', 'Life gets in the way sometimes' or some variation of these words. But I do feel like that. I often feel very, very overwhelmed by how quickly time passes; how days, weeks, months all seem to blend into one and as soon as you know it we're almost half way through 2015 and have to look back in our diaries to actually remember what we did the previous month(s). I'm hoping this isn't just me?

Anyway, this is a little catch up. A catch up to catch me up on where I'm at and maybe to tell those few of you that are interested in what's been going on lately.

True to form, I can't believe we are almost welcoming the month of June. The past few months have been busy - mostly with work but also with having a jam-packed social life. Which kinda sounds braggy when I read the words...

As you know, March saw me go to China and have a little wander around Shanghai and also, do a little bit of work too. April saw me turn 24, have at least a week off (never, ever happens now!) and have a couple of weekends away. So far, May has been great. I move in a couple of weeks, I had a really great trip to the Lake District (actually Yorkshire Dales because well, we got it wrong..) and a stop off at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park on the way home. I have just had a weekend well deserved too; a busy Saturday buying furniture for my new place, a family lunch and a night at the pub with my friends. Sunday was as expected, a film/hangover day. This coming weekend I have a trip to Sheffield planned and the following weekend I am visiting Mike in London.

June is an exciting month - I'm moving the first weekend and I'm really excited. A really pretty, quirkily decorated place. Finally somewhere I can settle and call my own. My current place is great but it feels more like I'm living in posh uni halls. I'm also going away with work to Lake Garda for a few days, via a night in Milan then 3 nights in Florence as a little getaway. The end of the month is another weekend working at Best of Britannia, this time held in Shoreditch. It's a great event with a variety of different brands there.

Next month I'm hoping to just get my new room straight more than anything and try and save a bit of money where I can! My new place has a mostly unfurnished bedroom so I need to fork out on a few things. I'm off to Ikea this evening to get my new bed and hopefully a new wardrobe too.

What else is going on? Not a lot really. Mostly work, planning work trips away, planning my move and also getting excited about a potential Copenhagen/Budapest trip in August (then Vegas for work three days later!) I'm loving all of the travel opportunities that this year is giving to me. It's really exciting!

So that's it in a nutshell really, the last couple of months, the current month and the month ahead. I'm hoping next month I'll get back into blogging a little more. I've been having unintentional breaks lately - mostly because my weeks and weekends are so busy, any down time I get I just want to chill out.

Feelings wise? All's well. I'm pretty shattered most of the time but that's to be expected when so much is going on. I said in my newly updated 'Hello'/about me that at the moment life is about embarking on new experiences and having a bloody good time. Well, that's exactly what I'm doing.


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