Monday, 4 May 2015


April has been a whirlwind...which I feel is how I begin these posts most months now.

I've actually spent a lot of time away this month - at home, in Sheffield and in Brighton.

I spent Easter weekend in Nottingham and Sheffield, catching up with friends and family before heading down to Brighton the following weekend for a Blogger Meet Up (which was a lot of fun!) I also won a tapas cooking class with Omar of Tapas Revolution, which was great fun (I will blog this at some point!)

The following week was filled with work and client dinners but from Friday through to Monday morning I had a brilliant weekend away in Sherwood Forest Castle Cabins, doing lots of outdoorsy stuff, including Go Ape (SO MUCH FUN!)

On the 21st I turned 24...scary! I did console myself with a spa day, shopping and a lovely trip to York with my parents (and a long awaited trip to Betty's)

I tried my first meditation class - which I am so, so up for. It's incredible being able to do something like that and learn how to switch off a little bit.

A trip to London for work, a night out, a lazy weekend and a jam packed week of work to end the month - it's left me feeling a little bit shattered.

But, it's been a fabulous month...of friends, family, trips away, great food and a lot of fun. Let's hope May is just as good!

A recap of April's Goals...did I achieve them?

Start a new class at the gym
Spring Clean
Figure out my summer
Try and switch off from technology a little
Give meditation a good go

I'll be honest...I've not done so well this month. Genuinely I can't believe four weeks have passed since I wrote this.

I didn't manage a new gym class, mostly because I couldn't even get booked in because they were always full but also because I've been here there and everywhere this month. I had a half spring clean but by no means a productive one. Summer is still baffling me; I've made some plans but not the ones I'd hoped. Once I've booked my flights for the work trips I'll be able to figure out my time a little better. I definitely feel like I've achieved a technology switch off - I've spent so much less time on social media and, I guess, had an unintentional blogging break. Meditation was wonderful. Like really wonderful. I've thoroughly enjoyed the classes so far and can't wait for more sessions.


Really focus on getting fit and weight loss/toning - I am by no means fat but I know myself I would feel a little bit happier if I lost a little weight and toned up. I don't hate my body but I generally find myself feeling more unhappy about it than happy. I eat really well, exercise 3-5 times each week...but it's not really making much of a difference so I need to have a really look at what I'm doing.

Actually have that Spring clean before it turns into Summer - I really do need a clear out. I'll be moving soon so I need to make sure I'm not just carting all my clutter to the new place.

Figure out my finances - just lately I feel like I've been spending waaaay beyond my means. I really need to wise up with my spending so I can be more productive with my saving.

Get down to London more - I went through a phase of practically living there but as the weeks have got busier, I've not really seen too much of my favourite UK city. I have a visit or two to look forward to so this shouldn't prove too difficult.

Give myself a break - I rarely have free time anymore and the free time I do have I tend to completely relax, I fill up with plans. I've felt a bit worn out recently so even if it's just one night a week I come home and go into complete relaxation, well, that's better tha nothing!

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  1. So much of this resonates with me. After a weekend of gardening, housework, lots of heavy lifting and chopping down a tree, I've hugely overindulged myself as a reward for the all the physical work I've been doing. Things are starting to feel a bit tight, if you know what I mean!

    So I shall be dabbling in some of these things, first up I'm having a detox from alcohol until at least Saturday (we're visiting friends) and I want to stop checking social media on my phone so much!

    Good luck with all your goals x