Thursday, 18 June 2015

ATE AT: Antica Trattoria Della Pesa, Milan

For our last night in Milan, we ventured just off Corso Como to Antica Trattoria Della Pesa. A really authentic Italian place with a REAL Italian menu.
This meal was to celebrate Cherilyn's 27th birthday - then a new friend, now my housemate.
We spent the evening with a couple of her Italian friends, which was really lovely and we'll be seeing them again in September back in Milan.

All my Italian meals begin with similar starters - cheeses, meats...and this one, pickled onions. Very welcome by me but a strange starter one might say.

As always, the meats were fabulous and it proves the only reason I can't commit to be a full-time vegetarian.

For main, a few of us opted for a simple pasta, al-dente, with artichokes and tomatoes.

It was really delicious and I do think I actually prefer the Italian cooking of pasta over the English - 8-10 minutes until it's soft approach. It really makes a difference.

We also washed down a few bottles of this delicious red. It's taken over 8 years to get me back on the red again after an intense hangover at a very young age...but now, I can't get enough of it and I have my first Milan trip to thank for that.
Antica Trattoria is definitely one I'd recommend in Milan. An authentic feel, authentic Italian food and great service.


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