Saturday, 6 June 2015

FIVE FOR FRIDAY #28...on a Saturday

It's been a hectic week, hence my usual Friday series a day late. 

I've spent a large chunk of the week in London for various work things as well as moving house which, I'm sure you can all agree, is always a little test of stress levels. I've spent most of today at Rockingham Castle with friends playing supporter at The Suffering Race - an intense obstacle race which, quite frankly, blows my mind. It's incredible how fit people are to endure a 5k and a 10k on the same day AND a 10 mile obstacle race the following day. WOAH.

So, this week's Five For Friday...on a Saturday:

Finally moving to a house that feels like a home - despite my liking for my previous place, it's so nice to have moved into a house that now feels like a home. I'm still not sorted as I'm waiting for my parents to bring my furniture tomorrow as well as having my bed and a few other bits delivered, but it'll get there.

The Drapers Footwear Awards at the Tower of London - I was lucky enough to be invited to the awards to host my companies table of 9 other guests. It was a beautifully sunny evening and the first real summers day we seem to have had so far. The event was in the grounds of the Tower of London and absolutely brilliant. I met some really lovely people and feel really fortunate things like that happen because of my job.

Summer weather - I'm sure you'll all agree that it's so much nicer being able to head out of the house bare legged and coatless.

Smoothies - Since getting my NutriBullet at Christmas I've used it religiously. Having a daily smoothie really boosts my energy levels and gets all the necessary goodness into my body.

Reading on the train - I started reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed at the beginning of the week and have absolutely loved zoning out and getting lost in the book on my train journeys to London.


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