Friday, 12 June 2015


After last week's late Five For Friday, I thought I better be a little more prompt with this one.

This week's flown by and today I fly to Italy for a week for two shows and a little break in Florence. Apparently it's about 25 degrees at the moment so I couldn't be happier to get away, be in a beautiful country and feel a bit of warmth on my skin.

I've been trying to put aside a bit of time to get back into blogging a bit more regularly, but truth is, the time just isn't there. So I'm not going to put so much pressure on myself to 'be a better blogger' or apologise for not posting as often because, you guys get it. Some things are just either more important or you need to take the opportunity to have a break where you can.

So, this week's Five For Friday...

Life Admin - I've been getting A LOT of stuff sorted out this week. I feel like my grip loosened on a few things but I'm slowly getting it back. I've done monotonous tasks like register for a new doctors, find a new dentist, cancel my gym membership for a cheaper gym where I'll use all the facilities, rather than just have of them as well as getting my debt in order. It's been a fairly productive week in that sense.

Determination - I've really been beating myself up lately over putting on a bit of weight, not being as toned and generally just not finding enough time to put into making my body better. Not skinnier, not comparing myself to others - just better for me, how I want to look. But now, I'm feeling more determined. I'm in the process of swapping gyms, joining Park Run on a Saturday and generally just getting myself back into the routine of exercise. Because, truth be told, I actually love going to the gym and working out. That buzz I feel afterwards instantly keeps me in a good mood and I want that back.

Getting back into cooking - As I work away so much, sometimes when I'm back from a week long trip, I just want convenience food. And by this, I don't mean takeaways or ready meals. I'm not that kinda girl. I end up eating a lot of courgetti, raw foods, poached eggs with spinach, avocado and grilled tomatoes...but now I've moved, I don't just cook for myself. It's much better. I now pretty much cook for more as my housemates brothers claim they aren't talented in the kitchen. Luckily I like playing chef!

Thintea - I'm back on the Thintea and although I'm not convinced it actually makes much of a difference, I'm being proactive in trying to beat the bloat. I was diagnosed with IBS about a month ago now and have really been struggling with bloating and general tummy issues so I really think this Thintea teamed with my medication is making a difference. I'm going to try SkinnyMint next so watch this space.

Beautiful prints from HutchCassidy - I absolutely must tell you about these, if you're not already seen them on my Instagram. An old friend of mine has started a business with her husband making the most beautiful prints. Like Fantastic Mr Fox and Alice in Wonderland - you'll love these. They genuinely are stunning and I couldn't be happier with them in my new home. We have one above the fireplace and one on the wall next to the kitchen and they look fantastic. Thanks so much Nicola! Go and check out HutchCassidy over on Etsy.

I hope you have had a great week and have exciting plans for the weekend.
Let me know what you're up to in the comments below!


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