Monday, 22 June 2015

FIVE FOR FRIDAY #30...on a Monday

I know, I do these posts late every now and again...I hate that I can't blog as often as I'd like to anymore, but truth is, I find it hard to set the time aside these days.

Last week I split my time between Riva Del Garda and Florence, both for work but both lots of fun. A week of shows is always an exhausting one but I was fortunate enough to meet some lovely people and really enjoy the atmosphere.

Anyway, my Five For Friday from last week...

Florence - I had the opportunity to have a few days in Florence after my Lake Garda work trip. I have completely fallen in love with Florence and can definitely say in 10 years time I'd like to be living there. Everything is beautiful, the people are lovely, the food is has so much character.

Good food - As a 'foodie' good food is clearly high on my priority list. Whilst in Italy I was lucky enough to eat some incredible food which you will have probably seen on my Instagram. Lobster, steak, oysters, all the cured meat my heart desired...

Ikea - I always had this preconceived idea about Ikea and it's poor quality but just recently I've become a big Ikea fan. I ordered this bed and have also just purchased this wardrobe, both of which are brilliant and have made my room almost spot on (I still need to bang a few photos and fairy lights up then I'll be happy.

Travelling for work - I never thought I would be he girl that would travel for work. I'm lucky enough to do many, many trips a year and, although they're incredibly tiring, it's a lot of fun to meet different kinds of people all over the world.

The comfort of returning home - Although I really enjoy my trips away, there is no better feeling that coming home. It's nice to be back in a familiar environment, get all your stuff sorted out, binge watch some OITNB on Netflix and eat alllll the avocado on rye your heart desires because it doesn't seem like the Italians know what avocados are.

I hope you're having a lovely week.


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