Friday, 26 June 2015


I've felt a little bit all over the place this week. Since returning from Italy last week I've desperately been trying to get as much rest in as possible - those work trips are so busy and so tiring but I don't get a lot of down time in between. WHINGE WHINGE WHINGE.

Unfortunately, I still don't feel like my body's caught up. I've been constantly tired, a bit grumpy and in real need of some antisocial time. I don't exactly know what's been going on with me this past week but I've really just needed some alone time, away from everyone and everything. I get a little worried when I feel like this...that maybe I'm reverting back to how I felt for such a long time but I think, what I've had to learn, is that now a bad day is simply that - a bad day. A week where I feel a bit off is just me being human. It doesn't mean my head's spiralling out of control. But it can be scary, ya know? It's sometimes hard to differentiate between what's simply a bad mood and what's a day to day attitude. But I get by, I more than get by, I'm happy. You know what it's like though, some weeks are just lousy weeks for no real reason. I went to see the Amy Winehouse documentary/film on Sunday - it was sad, I cried a lot. My friend that passed away a year ago...her birthday was yesterday. I had a few tears. It happens. Life isn't all fun and games. I get to do all of these exciting things but it doesn't remove me of any feelings. Sometimes you just feel like life is a bit numb.

ANYWAY, happier things...because there have been some.

This weeks Five For Friday...

Fitness focus and healthier eating - I've kinda reached breaking point now. I feel like I'm a step away from being diagnosed clinically obese (MASSIVE exaggeration but ya know)...I just feel crappy. I feel bloated and chubby and generally run down. SO, I'm joining a new gym, I'm fasting 2 days a week (only for a month to discipline me with food - I anticipate it will stop me overeating) and I'm going to generally be healthier on my non-fasting days. I'm going to be a lean, mean, toned machine in a few months time...or somewhere there abouts.

Early nights and Netflix - With my general bad mood kicking around, I've been going to bed early every night and watching a couple of episodes of OITNB or Grey's Anatomy. It's been lovely to have that quiet relaxation time to switch off and just be engrossed in a fictional TV series.

Paella - This week I made paella. I LOVE PAELLA. I love making it, I love eating it, I love the flavours. I think I should have been Spanish. Or just live in Spain. Tapas is my favourite thing, paella is up there in the top 10. It's just so yummy, so simple and I made leftovers to feed a small army.

A few days in London - Yesterday I sent off to London until Sunday for Best of Britannia. It's a show I do through work but also a really fun show to attend as 'the public' and have a wander round. It's all about British Made products. There's a bit of everything - clothes, jewellery, tea, SHOES, food, gin...see why I like it?

Skincare - I've been really looking after my skin this week. Since I turned 24 I swear I'm aging ALL OVER THE PLACE so I'm really paranoid about wrinkles, dull skin etc. I've been coating my face in...wait for it...sudocream three nights a week and it's really doing the trick. I'm not sure if this is frowned upon but it's definitely working for me. The rest of the time, when not sudocream'd up, I stick with Kiehl's - eye cream, recovery cream. I'm a big Kiehl's fan!

What have been your highlights this week? Tell me below!


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