Friday, 3 July 2015


Another week gone and we've seen some lovely, scorching weather! It's obviously not the best when you're stuck in the office (WITH NO AIR CON) but I love no jacket, bare leg and sunglasses weather. AND Wimbledon's started, which makes me very happy. I'm a secret tennis lover.

This week I've mostly been recuperating. I had my week in Italy that I told you about and from last Thursday until Sunday I spent 4 days in Shoreditch working at Best of Britannia. Safe to say, I'm shattered at the moment, team that with some hot weather and it means 9pm bedtimes and a want for naps during the day. That said, it's nice to work these events and meet new, interesting people but I'm certainly ready for a weekend. And this weekend (well, yesterday until tomorrow) I'm going back to Nottingham to see my family and I'm so excited. It's absolutely ages since I've been home and I really miss it.

This week's Five For Friday...

Dinner in the garden - I absolutely love eating al fresco. It's so lovely to be outdoors with a good meal. There's something nice about being away from the TV, leaving your phone inside and just having some nice music on in the background.

Cheesy chick-flicks - this weekend my housemate and I have really been embracing old cheesy chick-flicks. I have always loved Clueless but watching it again gave me a whole new level of appreciation for it. We also watched Chalet Girl, a film I'd never seen which is surprising because of my love for Ed Westwick. But seriously, amazing film. I was far too into it - laughed the whole way through, swooned over Ed. *all the love hearts and kissy faces*

Amy Winehouse - after becoming an emotional wreck watching new film/documentary Amy I've been listening to her music on and off all week. Since the day the world found out she was no longer with us, it's always been a subject that can fast reduce me to tears. I absolutely adore her music and even though she lost her way, I adored her as a person too. I saw her Frank tour and also the Back to Black tour 3 times and I am so, so thankful I did. What a memory!

Berry water - now, this isn't an original thing, berry water has been a thing for absolutely ages but well, we ran out of ice cubes. It was 30+ degrees and my water just was not cold enough. AT ALL. So I delved into our freezer and used my smoothie berries as ice cubes. THANK THE LORD. It made everything better.

Summer meals - I love the summertime because it leaves me only wanting salads, courgetti and mostly cold foods. This in itself is an amazing way for me to stay on the healthy path. This week we've had chilled salmon fishcakes and salad, aubergine and tomato courgetti and I've eaten copious amounts of salad. YUMMY! If you're not a lettuce and basic salad kinda girl/guy, these, this and this may float your boat. Oh, and this is one of my favourite summer dinners - light but satisfying!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. I ADORE Chalet Girl! Such a silly film but so feel-good. And Felicity Jones is everything <3 sounds like you've had a lovely week lady! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog