Friday, 10 July 2015


The laziest of Sundays - films, KFC (shhhh!!), a good breakfast, time spent in the garden. A sunday well spent brings a week of content!

You've got mail - I get really overexcited by postal deliveries, mostly because they'll contain clothes or homeware. Post is a different kettle of fish; getting a letter is super exciting because, who sends letters unless they're the bank asking for money or student loans reiterating that you'll never pay off your £24,066.48 debt. Thanks for keeping that 48p on there guys.

Faux ginger - That's right, I finally went orange. I mentioned it aaaages ago on Instagram but have finally bitten the bullet and gone ginge! I'm not sure how long I'll stay ginger but I like it for now (I predict two months tops!)

Slightly cooler weather - Don't get me wrong, I LOVEEEEE the summer. I love sunshine, warm weather, no need for coats/tights/many clothes but I cannot sleep at night. I've been a zombie since the hot weather began so I'm happy it's slightly cooler now. We English can't cope with a little bit of heat without a moan.

Staying in Kensington - I stayed at the most beautiful air b&b in Kensington this week. With the tube strike and a meeting in the area, I didn't want to risk being late or messing around with buses/taxis. It was very reasonably priced for the area and had the most amazing roof terrace. So pretty! I definitely recommend air b&b to anybody having a night away!


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