Friday, 28 August 2015


This week has been TIRING. I've been super jetlagged and it's really been a struggle getting out of bed and also mid-afternoon has hit me like a ton of bricks.

I spent a few days hidden away at my parents house to recuperate (/get my washing done and be fed) which was really, really needed. I went out on a lovely, long walk with Bracken. The first signs of autumn are starting to show now and everywhere looks beautiful in the Nottinghamshire countryside.

This weekend I fly to Milan for another working week. Gutted to be missing carnival this year but thankfully the sun is shining over Italy right now so some warmer weather is definitely welcome.

This weeks Five For Friday...

LAS VEGAS - God I loved Vegas, like really really loved it. Not necessarily for the place itself - I mean, lets face it...some of the hotels look a bit worn, it's full of drunks and a little bit seedy BUT it's fun. And I felt a huge sense of freedom while I was there. I felt like I could let myself go a little and I met/spent time with some brilliant people. I already can't wait for my next trip in February. I keep getting excited thinking about the whole thing.

CHEESY FILMS - Princess Diaries 2 was on at the weekend and it made me appreciate a cheesy and predictable film. I've also been enjoying numerous click flicks this week - Love, Rosie. It made me SOB. Love just isn't like that. Silly films!

TAKING SOME TIME OUT - to sleep, to see my family, to do all of the things I don't often find time to do. I even baked this week, something I've not had the chance to do for a long while now.

A GREEK FEAST - I was approached by Jet2Holidays to create a meal based on a destination of my choice. I picked Crete as Greek food is high up there on my list of favourites. I love being able to cook up things like this for myself and my family when I've been on trips away.

UNEXPECTED CONTACT - I lost touch with an incredibly close friend of mine many, many months ago now - completely unexpected and for no real reason. But this week, that friend got in touch and it really meant the world to me. Friendship can be a fragile thing and a thing that really shouldn't be taken for granted.

Have a great bank holiday weekend guys! 


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